Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Release of the GOR detainess! All charges dropped!

Omar G


The GOR Detainees - students, lawyers and citizens standing guard outside the upright but ailing Justice Siddiqi's house - have been released. Today, at around 5: 30p.m, they were brought amidst great excitement to the Student Action Committtee's hunger strike camp outside the Press Club. Amidst the lound beat of dhols and thunderous clapping by the around 80 students, lawyers, mediapeople and ordinary by-standers, the detainees were heralded into the hunger strike camp which the students successfully manned for more than three long days and chilly, rainy nights. Finally ,the hunger and cold braved by students paid off in pressuring the government to release the innocent students and lawyers. We are particularly confident of the fact that it was not the government's magnanimity but our pressure which actualized this victory because of an intra-government fax that we were able to intercept, last night.

Students and lawyers made several fiery speeches at this moment of triumph. The students celebrated the fact that they had lived up to the challenge posed to them by staying united and committed until the release of their fellows. Both students and lawyers vowed to continue the struggle until the judiciary, constitution and fundamental freedoms are restored to Pakistan. Participats also thanked all the ordinary people who had expressed solidarity with the students during the last three days, and also the Press Club and the media community for their unflinching support. At the end there was a brief 'bhangra' session by students who could not contain their jubiliation at the release of their peers. Some by-standers, later identified as intellignece agents, could not resist joining in the dance. Although the students successfully identified the agents, the agents were forgiven and allowed to leave intact because the students would never stoop so low as to deny anyone some innocent fun. The gathering dispersed peacefully. Students dismatled the huger strike camp, cleaned the footpath and then left.

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