Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baitullah Mehsud Did NOT Kill Benazir Bhutto: PPP Spokesman Farhatullah Babar

Mehsud Had Told Benazir: 'I Am Not Your Enemy'
By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani
(Courtesy Inform Press)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, 30 December 2007 (The News) - "Identify your enemy, I am not your enemy, I have nothing to do with you or against you or with the assassination attempt on you on October 19," Baitullah Mehsud, the local Waziristan tribal leader conveyed this message twice to Benazir Bhutto, the PPP [Pakistan Peoples Party] spokesman Farhatullah Babar claimed on Saturday.
"The top PPP leadership trusted the message," Babar disclosed, adding that it was conveyed by Mehsud through two different reliable emissaries after the October 19 [2007] assassination attempt on her life in Karsaz, Karachi.
Mehsud had conveyed to Benazir Bhutto that his activities were limited to Waziristan and were of a defensive nature. "I have neither the resources to fight outside Waziristan nor I have any plans to attack Benazir Bhutto in future," Mehsud had conveyed to the top PPP leadership.
Babar claimed that the voice recording of the alleged conversation between Baitullah Mehsud and another religious leader presented before the media on Friday by the [Pakistan] Interior Ministry was ridiculous and a deliberate attempt to divert the attention of the nation from the real culprits.
He added: "We have no doubt that Baitullah Mehsud is not involved in Thursday's [27 December 2007] tragic incident. Rather, we have serious doubts against those mentioned in the letter written by Benazir to Pervez Musharraf before and after the October 19 Karsaz tragedy."
"If the government had seriously gone through the contents of the letter and had fulfilled our demand to hire the services of some foreign investigative agencies to probe into the Karachi attack, Thursday's tragic incident might have been avoided," Babar added.
"Instead of diverting the attention of the people of Pakistan towards Baitullah Mehsud, should the government hire the services of an international professional investigative agency, matters can proceed in a better direction," Babar said.
"Now the people of Pakistan can understand when someone is trying to fool them," Babar said, adding: "If an inquiry in the murder case of Rafiq Hariri can be held by international experts, it can also be held in this case to expose the conspirators."


Anonymous said...

Mehsud may be technically right that he is not responsible for actions of Lashkar e Jhangvi and other Pakistani militant organisations. He only provides them sanctuary, suicide jackets and Russian made triggers to detonate the explosive !

nazia said...

yes we all know very well that mesud is not involved in killing but who deliver this thing to army house that mr president we are not as fool as you always think.No doubt you rules on fools that always sorround you.If you are true soldier of your nation please come in front of general public and see how they would give you arguments about yours stupid acts.