Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Benazir was killed by Sniper Teams (FSB)

By SORCHA FAAL (Courtesy Inform Press -

FSB [Russian Federal Security Service] reports presented to President [of Russia Vladimir] Putin on the assassination of Pakistan Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto today are detailing what Russian security analysts are stating was a 'sophisticated' sniper team attack which left the loved leader of her people dead.

These reports state Pakistan's elite commando division, called the Special Service Group (SSG), and which is the elite special operations arm of the Pakistani Army, were 'most likely' to blame as they are the only organization capable of mounting an operation such as this in Pakistan.

As to the actual assassination of Bhutto, these reports state that she was fired upon by 'no less' than 3 separate sniper teams firing in excess of 6 times and which was then followed by 2 'simultaneous' rocket propelled grenades designed to destroy the scene of the assassination, but whose explosions could then be 'blamed' on a'suicide bombing'.

Russian Military analysts are further reporting that the assassination of Bhutto, by Pakistan's Military Forces, was necessitated due to her imminent meeting with two top U.S. lawmakers, U.S. Congressman [D-RI] Patrick Kennedy and U.S. Senator Arlen Specter [R-PA], who she was scheduled to meet following her last rally [on Thursday, 27 December2007], and where she was prepared to give Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Specter 'evidence' that supported her claims that she was being targeted for death by Pakistan's US-backed dictator Pervez Musharraf.

It is important to note that Benazir Bhutto had previously stated to the U.S. that she would only turn her evidence over to Congressman Kennedy and Senator Specter due to their involvement with the assassination of the American President John F. Kennedy in 1963 as Patrick Kennedy is a surviving family member and Arlen Specter was the chief investigator of the [U.S.] President's murder for the Warren Commission, the tribunal set up to investigate President Kennedy's killing.

It was, state these reports, Bhutto's belief that only two such prominent lawmakers who knew the 'truth' behind the assassination of President Kennedy could properly handle the 'shocking' information she was prepared to present to them should she have lived but one more hour.
Also, it is important to note that occurring during the same time frame as the plot and killing of Bhutto in Pakistan, its U.S. ally began suffering a series of bizarre attacks against its war leaders,and which included the United States Army leader, Secretary Pete Geren, having his home in Texas targeted by a suicidal driver, and, also in Texas, the childhood home of [U.S.] President [George W.]Bush, and which is on the property of his father's Presidential Museum, being attacked by arsonists.

These current events, and when coupled with the White House attack that left [U.S.] Vice President [Dick] Cheney's offices in flames, and which we had previously reported on, point towards a growing destabilization of the current World Order due to the United States continued efforts to gain hegemony over the vital oil resources of the Middle East, but which these latest events may prove to be much harder now to accomplish.

This is so, and as these reports make clear, the United States complicity with Pakistan to 'create and control' the very terrorist organizations they have used to mislead their peoples into giving up their freedoms and support a World War that is bankrupting the United States due to the truth that the truest enemies of the West are their very own leaders.

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Ali said...

I tried to trace the source of this story on the referred site and through google. No luck. The info/arguments made in this story require substantiations, without which it is not much different from other theories floating in the air.

In any case, there is one assumption that hasn’t been challenged that much: Was it really a suicide bombing (after the shots were fired at BB)? Do we have forensic evidence? Just bcz that person in the images was wearing a white salafi-kind scarf, it does not prove that a) it was him, b) it was a suicide attack. The white scarf is not a sufficient proof to even declare him the prime suspect.