Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blogs banned in Pakistan

In another desperate measure, the government has banned access to blogs (particularly blogspot/wordpress) from Pakistan. Hence, The Emergency Times and other such avenues of information are no longer accessible to Pakistanis.
Don't worry. They can't stop us.

Sites you can use to access banned blogs:

1) www.pkblogs.com
So for instance you want to access The Emergency Times, type

2) Free Online Anonymizers such as

Anonymizers, conceal your IP hence making tracking activity even harder.

Stay safe. Stay a step ahead.

We will continue to work on our newsletter, which will be mailed out everyday. If you wish to subscribe to it, send an email to theemergencytimes@gmail.com. Let's thwart this new attempt of the state to deprive the people of their right to information.

In Complete Unity,

The Emergency Times Team.

P.S. If you have not had chance to have a look at the draconian cyber crimes bill it is posted at:
Though it doesn't make a difference to the current regime. There are already many held without any crimes.


William deB. Mills said...

I would like to express my sympathy to Pakistanis as they struggle for democracy and to thank them as a citizen of the U.S. for fighting a battle that is really for all citizens of the world. As for the Emergency Times blog, it is a model for all bloggers worldwide. Best of luck to Pakistan; everyone is watching.

Anonymous said...

Emergency times is working at LUMS as of 15JAN07 9:10AM

Razz said...

Blogspot wasn't working yesterday yes, but all seems to be fine as I'm reading this post on your original blogspot URL.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.

Why are you griping about the internet block. This judiciary your fighting for is the same one that ordered internet blocks a couple of years ago.


Oh the irony.

Anonymous said...

The blogs are back online. We must not, however, forget this incident and learn from it. There is no guarantee that this wont happen again. The state may strike again anytime.

I am not very good at these computer-related issues, but those of us who know more should design strategies to cope with such emergencies in the future.

Javahpk said...

Umm I can access your website and I am in Pakistan without any workarounds. Whick blogspot ban are you talking about ? The one that was in March 2006 ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/interactivity/blog/story/2006/03/060303_reba_blogspot.shtml