Monday, January 14, 2008

A cowardly threat by the Establishment - A courageous reply by the Lawyers

Dear All,

As it was being predicted that the year 2008 will be the continuity of the shameful acts of the Establishment to restrain the civil society from challenging the unconstitutional and illegal deeds done by post 99 regime. One of its brutal examples was observed on 10 Jan, when the masterminds controlling the situation to make it in 'their' favor, once again showed their brutality to the citizens of Pakistan. The objective of the bomb blast at the gate of the High Court, a high security area, shows a clear message to the lawyer community.....Stop demanding rule of law and supermacy of constitution or u will be hit anytime, anywhere,anyway......This threat to the lawyer community did not work. The lawyers and the civil society showed their determination by announcing to keep their struggle on and on, until the objectives are not acheived.
The best example of the lawyers courage could have been observed today 12 Jan, when despite the fears/threats of attacks from establishment-led masterminds, the election of the Lahore Bar Association were held with an even better turn-out. The establishment has badly failed to assess the courage and determination of the legal community.
Another important fact: out of 55 major suicide attacks during year 2007, government has failed to investigate and get the culprits to justice in every single case. Not one case solved. This should be a real eye-opener for every concerned citizen.

Ali Imran
Advocate High Court

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nazia said...

you are courageously standing against army and ruling mafia.At this moment mussaraf is leading this mafia.Every body knows that he is a failed leader but US support is keeping him alive and sooner we will see that his end is no more like Sadam.The point is how to get rid of US interest that is supporting our corrupt system of governance.That is the only reason why US is not supporting lawyers and justice movement and they are preferring dictator unlawful regime.You people are giving us hope of good pakistan other wise mussarf like people are in large numbers to turn it to mafia state.