Thursday, January 17, 2008

Campaign against the Lawyer's movement, CJ

I want to bring your attention to a campaign going on to demonize the Chief Justice and the Lawyers Movement. This seems to be orchestrated by some sinister movement within the agencies. We at UQAAB have received a torrent of e-mails claiming that the Lawyers Movement is funded by outside agencies and the Chief Justice is corrupt and that the non-PCO judges were in cahoots with the Chief Justice to destroy Musharraf's reformist policies. However, when we tried to check the IP of these e-mailers, most of them were fictitious. As an example an article we had on the Chief Justice, received five comments within minutes of one another.Please see below an example of such an e-mail. Also, there is an organized campaign going on against GEO and the Free Media. Another example is an e-mail circulating all over the cyberspace, defaming the leadership of Lawyers Movement as foriegn agents. It is very poorly written, full of inaccuracies and falsehoods; but, it is receiving wide circulation. It seems that the boys in the agencies are upto their "dirty tricks." Please be aware and let us not let our guards down. Also, if you have any ideas how we can combat these mailing groups, please let us know. We have to keep the candle burning or this regime will plunge all of us into the the darkness literally and figuratively.

Manzer J. Durrani ,
The Pakistan Think Tank Organization
Scottsdale , Arizona and Plantation,
Florida U.S.A. and Pakistan

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