Thursday, January 17, 2008

Musharraf's critic gets two year term

Lahore: A critic of General (R) Musharraf got a two-year prison term from an anti-terror court this Saturday. The accused was a prayer leader named Fazal Ahmed Chisti, charged with using derogatory remarks against the President and spreading 'sectarian hatred'. In addition, he was charged with a Rs. 10,000 fine, with an extra imprisonment of 15 days in case of non-payment. (Reported in DAWN on Sunday)

(The first 'reported' victim of the new draconian terrorism laws and a subjugated judicial system. One can but wonder how many the dictator will attempt to silence in this way.)


nazia said...

At this moment with lot of differences in nation, one point is there where all nation is united, that mussarf has become worst ruler of the nation.People who are facing hunger, insecurity are realy abusing him on daily basis as a evil character of our society.I am really surprised that mussarf never read any comments on national or international levels that are highlighting his corrupt and unlawful regime.For me he is just a cruel tyrant ruler who is forcing his stupid logics on por nation.His bosses should also be charged with treason who produced such a obstinate soldier who is destroying national interest by taking whole nation as hostage on gun point.

Anonymous said...

Every country has laws against Libel, slander, and sedition.

PakAmeristanican said...

Yes, but usually criticizing, or passing derogatory remarks about, the head of state (self appointed, in this case)are not categorized as sedition. Slander and libel only apply if you state as fact something that is untrue. If I think Musharraf is a self-obsessed, power-hungry so-and-so, this cannot be proved either true or false. It cannot therefore fall under laws prohibiting slander and/or libel. Sheesh