Monday, January 7, 2008

CCP rally outside Aitzaz's house - eyewitness account

Xani Amin
The CCP (Concerned Citizens of Pakistan) members, lawyers and students gathered outside Atizaz Ahsan’s house at 3pm to register yet another protest against the present state of affairs in the country. There were about a hundred protesters holding play cards and stickers which demanded the restoration of Judiciary. Pamphlets containing the demands of CCP were distributed among the protesters. The flyer, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry's lament was also distributed to large number of passing vehicles. The protesters began their march towards Mall Road chanting slogans in favour of judiciary and disposed judges. At this point the Police tried to stop the rally from going towards Mall Road, but the enthusiastic crowd made it clear that they would not be intimidated and will carried on their march. The protesters gathered at the Mall Road chowk, raised some more anti government slogans, sang the National Anthem and then made their way back to Atizaz Ahsan’s house. There it was decided that CCP will continue with its protests twice a week, one on Thursday (with the lawyers’ community) and another on Sunday. The rally ended with this resolution and crowd dispersed peacefully. The protest was also covered by media.

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