Monday, January 7, 2008

The Name and Shame campaign

In light of the upcoming elections, we are planning a Name and Shame campaign. As we are all aware, for any system to function, an efficient check and balance must be in place. In that light, for a governmental system to function, a similar check and balance must exist, which can only come from an Independant judiciary, a free media, and a watchdog civil society. We all are also aware that if this judiciary, which for the first time dared question the executive, is not restored, then no judge for the coming 60 yrs will dare do the same. Hence, our commitment is to the restoration of the judiciary as it was pre Nov 3rd.

For that end, and for becoming the effective watchdog that we aim to become, the first step begins with these elections. People must know who they are voting for, and what these people stand for. The government must know that we will not stand for any rigging in the elections and will do our utmost to prevent and expose any rigging. And most importantly, all the politicians must know that times have changed, and now they will be held accountable.

The Name and Shame Campaign

We research into the positives and negatives of major political figures in Pakistan's major political parties. This would include:
i. Their work in the halqa/constituency (goods and bads that happened during their last term in power)
ii. Their positions on various legislation in the National Assembly/Senate
iii. Allegations: Proven/Unproven against themAll of the above need to be referenced from credible sources.

Hence, the main players of all the political parties (PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, MQM, MMA) must be covered. So pick any of your choice and inform us on . The deadline for submission of the said information is Thursday Next week by midnight. The subsequent weekend will be employed to circulate the findings as widely as possible. Any suggestions for the furthering of our aims are welcome.

In solidarity,

Student Action Committee

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Anonymous said...

While the idea of studying politicians and writing about them from an independant standpoint sounds great, the nomenclature (Name and Shame) sounds singularly prejudiced.

Perhaps we had better give up our self-righteous contempt for policians, if we want democracy to survive in this country.