Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Email from Justice Nawaz Gandapur

Justice Jawaid Nawaz Gandapur was one of the judges dismissed after his refusal to take oath under the first PCO in 1999. This is an email of his to the list administrator of People's Resistance.

Dear Sir,

This is Justice Jawaid Nawaz Gandapur, Axed judge of Peshawar High Court, Peshawar. I, amoungst others superior court judges, am the victom of the 1st PCO(2000) as I had refused to take oath. Unfortunately at that time only a few judges (12) had refused to take fresh oath and the rest of them oblidged the martial law govt. by taking oath. Little realizing as to what was in store for them. In 2007, most of those judges (65) have been axed. Had they not taken oath earlier in 2000, the martial law government of the dismissed General Musharaf could not have been validated and Pakistan would have been saved from the critical situation in which it finds itself today.

Had I taken oath at that time I might have been the Chief Justice of Pakistan and would be retiring on 17th of this month. The present Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Doger is far Junior to me in service.

Alhamdu Lillah I have faced the ruthless dictator having no scrouples at all to the best of my ability therefore I feel that it is my privilege to get emails regarding the requsit details about the happenings in Pakistan which is being printed abroad. Shall be happy and pleased to recieve your emails etc.

Best wishes & Regards,


Justice Jawaid Nawaz,
Khan Gandapur.
Gandapur House, Phase-2, Hayatabad, Peshawar.
Pakistan.0321-8598080 / 0300-8598080


Hurain said...

Can you please forward his email to me, and email him for any other people desirous of getting news, lets take that list from him and add them to the emergency mailing list.

Renegade Eye said...

It is good that you cover such important issues. Pakistan fades in and out of consciousness, while the world's fate is with its people.

Very good blog.