Sunday, February 10, 2008

Solidarity Rally eyewitness account

The car rally left ch az' house at 730am and after briefly stopping at Gujranwala and Gujrat the rally reached the lawyers' convention in islamabad and finally converged at the islamabad residence of ch AZ in F6/3.
At the convention a historic resolution was passed by the Pakistan Bar Council declaring total boycott of all the courts (pco judges, civil courts and district courts) from monday (11th) till the elections.
Charged with this monumental decision the lawyers and civil society (including members of CCP from lahore and other cities) assembled at AZ's residence, and started their march towards CJP's house.
A good 1000 to 1500 strong, courageously marched ahead infront of marriot hotel up the ministers' enclave.
Police barricades were set up infront of the Baluchistan house. Police brutality started when they opened water canons on unarmed and harmless civil society and lawyers including women. Ghazalla Minallah, Qasim (CCP) and Aasim sajjad were some of the people who braved this first onslaught. Finding the crowd undetered and charged police started shelling tear gas (actually some lethal poisonous gas) which took its toll and the charging crowds had to retreat in pain. However, even this lethal gas did not deter the bold, energetic and brave youngsters who threw the tear gas shells back at the police.
People recharged and marched up against the brutal police again and again in the face of shelling and stone /brick pelting.
It was a state of war right infront of marriot hotel. After several hot clashes over two hours, leaving many injured, the heartless shielded police charged upon the unarmed, injured but brave and honourable people of Pakistan with batons (lathi charged). This left no choice with the people who retreated with anger, cursing pervaiz musharraf and his unconstitutional dictatorship.
Athar minallah and twelve others were arrested. The police followed the fleeing members of the civil society and lawyers all the way to the residence of Ch AZ and also dared to go inside the house to beat a nephew of ch az and forcibly take away the driver of ch az.
Athar and others were taken from one place to another. Finally athar and salman cheema (az's nephew) ended up at the I/9 thana while others were in secretariat and gojra thanas.
Athar and salman cheema were released late last night, the others ( most of them) are still under detention without any charge.
I salute the brave people of Pakistan for standing up for their freedom and making it clear to the dictator that no one is above the law.
People of Pakistan are coming after you Mr Musharaff take cover.

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