Monday, February 18, 2008

Mock Election results

Members of the Student Action Committee had planned to hold mock elections in front of the Lahore High Court, reaching there early morning the police prevented them to setup camp but they instead continued the mock elections at another location. The turnout was massive with over 812 voters.

Votes Against Musharraf = 782
Votes For Musharraf = 24

TOTAL Vostes Casted = 812

Courtesy SAC Referendum Cell, Lahore


Anonymous said...

what a stupid meaningless exercise?! why is SAC so farigh yaar? here people are trying to do serious work in order to overthrow the regime and idiot SACies go and stage this little drama where a grand total of 800 people of no one knows WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SAMPLE of the population voted? dude what a mockery of activism!!

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