Monday, February 18, 2008


Some incoming updates on events around

  • 10 people killed so far today. Many injured.
  • Blatant rigging reported by many voters
  • News of “staged” voting in front of foreign election observers
  • News of abductions (atleast 4 PML-N workers’ abduction confirmed)
  • TV Channel’s barred from showing results (please see attached PEMRA notice attached)
  • Many people complaining that they are not on the voter list including 2 close friends who have searched every polling station in their constituency.
  • Feuds in many polling stations.
  • Polling suspended in some regions (one was requested by Fatima Bhutto)
  • SAC Lahore member Asif Mulick reports that supporters of Abdul Aleem offered him a Rs 2000 in cash to vote at Queen Mary polling station.
  • SAC member Ahmed Iqbal reports from Narowal that PML-Q leagues armed gang members ransack ten poling stations, staff being harassed and PML-N agents thrown out

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