Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nationwide Protests for the immediate restoration of the deposed judges


There will be protests in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad on Thursday, May 8th 2008 for the immediate restoration of the deposed judges and for purging the judiciary free from the PCO inductees and conspirators of the Nov 3rd coup. Please come to the protest in whichever city you are based in and also inform all your friends in Pakistan.

The battle for the judiciary will go on. AZAAD ADLIYA KO BAHAAL KERO!

Parking area in front of Rahat Milk Corner, Khadda Market
6:15 - 7: 30 pm
Walk to the legal CJ of SHC, Justice Sabiuddin's house

Outside the PPP Secretariat, 25-A, Faisal Town (near FAST)
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Candlelight vigil and peaceful protest.

Outside the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Constitution Avenue
5:30 - 6: 30 pm
Candlelight vigil and peaceful protest.


1. We demand the complete restitution of the pre-Nov. 3rd judiciary with all its powers and members.
2. We believe a simple executive order is enough to overrule the illegal actions of Musharraf. The delay is becoming unbearable.
3. We do not accept those judges who were inducted after the PCO.

Our stance is in line with the opinion of all of the lawyers and bar councils of Pakistan, 21 former judges of the Supreme Court, 5 former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and the vast majority of Pakistanis.

Looking forward to your wholehearted participation:
People's Resistance
Student Action Committee
Awami Jamhoori Itehad
Insani Haqooq Itehad
FAST Rising
Young Professionals Lahore
Concerned Citizens of Pakistan
and many other groups of concerned Pakistanis across the country.

"Aisay dastoor ko, subh-e baynoor ko, mai nahin manta, mai nahin janta" - Habib Jalib


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