Sunday, May 4, 2008

Zardari's Great Game ? ? ? ?

Not a big fan of speculative politics but events have been really worrying. Zardari does not seem reliable. If you look at the track of events, it does seem like Zardari is only buying time so that he is able to replace PML-N in the center. The establishment has been rewarding him as well with swift disposal of cases. The last time this happened, PML-Q emerged. I am listing down all the works of Zardari and the establishment and trying to see if other people I trust find it to be suspicious and thinking about exposing this all formally.

The works of the establishment:

  • Zardari's murder cases dropped
  • Zardari's corruption cases dropped
  • BA requirement dropped
  • By-elections delayed
  • Attacks on lawyers, another massacre in Karachi and attack on Sher Afgan to divert attention
  • Petition put in SC when the count down is nearing its end to stop the restoration
  • Food, electricity, Oil crises (might not be intentional but do divert focus from the movement).
  • Supporting Negotiations between MQM and PPP; PML-Q and PPP (

The works of Zardari:

  • No question of impeachment raised by Zardari (and his wife in an email to CNN said she would blame Musharraf for her murder!)
  • PPP members have even called Musharraf "an asset" for Pakistan
  • Needless delay over the judges. Creation of a issue out of a non issue.
  • Active hostility towards the judiciary and lawyers (the only lucky ones to have been issued a charge sheet)
  • Telling Aitzaz to shut up and go on with his agitation; as if he cared. Also ridiculing the whole deadline with "yeh ulti ginti walay baaz aa jayain."
  • Creation of confusion by offering indecent offers such as minus one, minus two and offering to make CJ the governor of Balochistan
  • Deliberate confusion over the date of countdown, by Zardari, Sherry Rehman, etc
  • Trying to find replacement for pro-judiciary PML-N through MQM and others in the guise of "national reconciliation".
  • Constitutional Package.
  • Backdoor meetings between PPP and Musharraf
  • Retention of Malik Qayyum as AG and his clear shift to becoming pro-Zardari and also supporting many court decisions that were pro-Zardari.
  • Delaying the issue of restoration from the first parliament session to 30 days.
  • Then creation of a committee which leads to deadlock.
  • Deadline about to pass and Zardari mysteriously runs out of the country.
  • Another deadline set. 12 more days bought.
  • Zardari says this deadline not binding either (
  • Media bashing by the PPP (
  • Forward bloc of PML-Q formed, will support PPP
  • MQM who was responsible for 40 odd deaths of PPP workers on 12the May alone. joins PPP govt. (However it is also true that its hard to rule Sindh without MQM).
  • Zardari willing to accept PML-Q if Shujaat and Elahi are removed.
  • Today's news: Musharraf meets with Shujaat and discusses new leadership for PML-United, all cronies under one banner.
  • Pir Pagaro most likely candidate to lead the party. Pir Pagaro will be acceptable to PPP workers who jootafied Arbab Ghulam Rahim.
  • Zardari trying to include PCO-judges as well as later appointments, which neither takes the judiciary to pre-Nov 3rd position nor will be acceptable by any of us or the lawyers or PML-N

    Foreign Influence:
  • US Still supporting Musharraf.
  • Peterson meeting Zardari Nawaz every other day
  • EU foreign policy chief claims Mush to stay till his end of tenure!

I don't know how you guys see it but it seems pretty clear to me that Zardari is only trying to buy time to be able to replace PML-N. The PCO judges and the later appointments will lead to another deadlock and the coalition will end up breaking.



Anonymous said...

12th May will come and pass.
It is the death Anniversary of Habib Jalib. He wrote a peom about Darbaris. Here
Zardari Darbari Hai, Koi Shak Hai!
So we are in for a very long period of poetry reading and writing.And I see blood on the streets. Another 60 years without a new dawn of freedom! Revolutions do not come by committees who debate niceties of words but by people who could have taken the Chief Justice on their shoulders to his seat a few days after February 18. How many of us could they have killed. Freedom only comes when you are ready to die for it. How many of us are ready like Habib Jalib _____jail beeh, goli beeh, ghurbat bhee, pareshani bhee.....but no surrender!Musharraf Darbar can end in one day if we are ready to sacrifice. How many of us are?

Abdul Basit Khawaja said...

i agree with u bro...u r spot on !

Khayyam Sadeq said...

to blame zardari for all the woes is as ingenious as calling the emergency times 'right wing' (ref: taimur rahman's article).

this reflects a straightforward stance which is based on principle that all judges must be restored. but where in your analysis (if this could be called one) is the role of the civil-military establishment?

taimur's position is understandable because your stance does more harm to the democratic forces in pakistan (however flawed they maybe - and flawed they are) and if, hypothetically speaking, we suffer another throwback to dictatorship, nothing would be worse. this stance is also not cognizant of the complexities of the situation. it is good to have an absolutist perspective, but that must be calibrated according to the realities on the ground.

and again, SOME credence must be given to the fact that none of zardari's cases have been proved despite the fact that they were run by his mortal enemies.

here's the irony of ironies:
who has been Zardari's lawyer? Aitezaz Ahsan! Aitezaz Ahsan claims and we have heard him more than once, that Zardari was framed! He has fought his cases and won them! I would like to hear what you have to say about it.

again, i am not saying zardari's is innocent. but the proof against him is not established. and not to forget, his term in jail exceeds a life-term sentence.

Rebeca said...

Mostly beneficiaries of NRO and death of BB. Soon after so called death of Baitullah Mehsud, Rahman Malik has requested courts to stop proceedings against scapegoats in Benazir murder case under a plea that a new case would be initiated after UNO enquiry reports.