Thursday, June 5, 2008

Long March Schedule

Lawyer's Coordination Committee and Lahore Bar Association announced the schedule of the long march for the restoration of Judiciary.

June 5 : Joint rally from Aiwan-e-Adal, Lahore to Faisal Chowk

June 6: Joint protest rally by doctors, professionals, teachers/professors, students, civil society, lawyers, scholars and the political parties to start at Data Darbar after the Jumma prayers and head to Nasir Bagh, Lahore.

June 7: Caravan for Restoration of Judiciary, consisting of 40 cars will tour around the Lahore city for mobilization and awareness.

June 8: Protest for restoration of Judiciary by the civil society at Governor House, Lahore. Judicial camp in front of RaceCourse Park from 3-10 PM for mobilization by SAC, FASTRising and YPL.

June 9: Mash'al bardar (torch-bearing) rally

June 10: Caravan for Restoration of Judiciary by all organizations of the mobilization committee of lawyers. Caravans from south Punjab and Sindh reach Multan for a long March from Multan to Lahore. Judicial camp at Nasir Bagh from 12-7 PM for mobilization by SAC, FASTRising and YPL.

June 11: Address of the CJP, Iftikhar Chaudry at the LHCBA

June 12: Long March from Lahore to Islamabad

June 13/14: Rally to reach at the Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi

June 13/14:
Dharna at the Parliament

Pro-Judiciary and Long March posters in high resolution available here.

(Courtesy ALE Expressed)


UFC 101 Live Stream said...

i think it should be "long June schedule". haha

denparser said...

I would rather join if i was there.

denise said...

why to say so? are you a moslem too?

dves said...

maybe he just want to sacrifice and/or participate the movement.