Thursday, June 5, 2008

Support the Students of Pakistan in their efforts

We're here, the last battle for the restoration of the independent judiciary and the first one in the long war for overturning the old regime whose strings are pulled by domestic and foreign behind curtains. The struggle is long and the journey will not be easy but I am glad all of you been resolute for over 200 days now.

It were students who got led the movement in the streets in the late 60s for the ouster of Ayub Khan and the nation waits for the students again to get rid of Musharraf has killed and sold thousands of his own country men, destroyed Pakistani economy, created absence of law and order, destroyed institutions and was involved in mega scams such as Steel Mills (which thankfully got reversed), Islamabad farm houses or the property worth billions illegally distributed. Naturally not all should be blamed on one man but he was directly and indirectly involved in many of those.

Students have risen and have vowed to make the Long March HISTORIC. Please support them by donating to the cause generously.

The funds will be used for providing transport to underprivileged students who want to be part of the march to remove Musharraf and restore the judiciary but do not have financial means to do so. They will also be used to subsidize transport for all students as well.

You can donate through credit card (by clicking the donate button), cheques, wire-transfer or cash. The process is on the website. Permalink :

To Donate Via Wire Transfer:

In Pakistan:
Beneficiary Name: Sundas Hurain
Bank name: Bank al-falah

Branch: 0033 defence branch lahore
Account number: 02018531

Make Checks payable to the above account

To Donate in person:


Moneeza : 0333- 03082288572

Syed Ali Natiq : 0

Kamil : 0345-5104892

All donations will be confidential and will be used for Long March.

Your money will be put to use and you will be informed:
Accounts will be maintained and all activity will be made public for scrutiny. The process to be as transparent and accountable as possible. The students want to bring a system of checks and balances and will show by example how this is not only possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Tabinda Khan <>, We will respond to all your queries ASAP.

Please do contribute generously for the student initiative for rule of law and justice in Pakistan.

In total solidarity,

The Emergency Times Eds


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how about paypal as a mode of donation?

sirvan said...

Of course.. It is an international way of paying or donating thru net.

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Only rich people can donate. And others who are true moslem.

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Some people don't know about this because they don't use internet. How could they know and support this?

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Possibly many will support the funds. What if you will donate only in goods and not as money, is it still acceptable? Hopefully, many students of Pakistan will be helped because of this donation event.

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