Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Academia blogs their expertise

The following is a message from highly qualified and conscientious academics. We greatly appreciate their expertise and are certain to benefit from their expert analysis. This should help us gain the necessary intellectual perspectives to carry on the battle effectively. To make a difference we must use not only our hearts but also our heads. In complete unity. As always.

We have started a blog: Academics for Freedom ( about the recent crisis of the Pakistani state that we hope will come to life, and find direction, through your comments and analysis. We are confident that it will become a space for engaged political debate that informs and is informed by members of the global citizenry. Our hope is that is will inform and shape political agency in Pakistan. We invite you to contribute to the blog. Please email contributions to:>

We are a group of Pakistani academics, educationists and members of civil society. In the present situation and given the actions of the state against us it is not possible for us to reveal our identities. Please circulate this message widely.

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