Thursday, November 22, 2007

Imran Khan released from jail

According to incoming news reports Imran Khan has been released from detention, as part of the government's release of several opposition and political activists arrested since the martial law was imposed. Khan, who vouched to continue to hunger strike till death, was arrested and charged under Anti- Terrorism laws, when he tried to lead a student protest at Punjab University. His arrest was met by strong condemnation by international commentators , human rights activists as well as students who had been actively protesting against the martial law.

It seems the government is beginning to understand that illegally detaining protesters is not going to stifle dissent. On the contrary, it has only made most of us adamant to not stop until our rights have been restored. The Government gesture of announcing general elections on January 8 and apparent release of 3400 prisoners is a lame attempt at placating the dissent brimming among the public. This is a long fight; not confined to simply challenging the martial law and this fight will continue until the government restores the judiciary, eases media restrictions, releases all political prisoners and holds free and fair elections.


shahid khattak said...

this is great news but I was sure that they had to release the Great Khan and they have it.But Please Khan , avoid the black sheep of Jamiat and Jamat.

Anonymous said...


Imran Khan is a great hero of wonderful Pakistan and we are proud of him. His arrest under "terrorist charges" (ha ha ha) was a total nonsense and it is Fir'oun Busharraf who is the biggest terrorist of the present time, not Imran Khan the great.

Imran Khan will save Pakistan and he should be given the chance to become the next prime minister. Benazir, who is called, BAY-SHARAM in Cockroach England, should not be allowed to become the prime minister because she had two opportunities, during which she stole more than 70 BILLION RUPEES from wonderful Pakistan. Similarly, the two Sharif Badmaashs (Nawaz & Shahbaz) were also given two opportunities and they looted 30 BILLION RUPEES EACH from wonderful Pakistan. We have had enough of these political criminals and we want to bring new faces to run our beleaguered country. We dont want Benazir = Bay-Sharam and Sharif Badmaashs any more.

Furthermore, we are tired of the constant political interference of TERRORIST USA and COCKROACH ENGLAND in our domestic affairs and we want these two countries to keep out of our affairs. The two international terrorists, Terrorist USA and Cockroach England have been interfering in our affairs since the last 60 years and we have had enough of it. Remember, Benazir = Bay-Sharam came to wonderful Pakistan because of a secret deal with Fir'oun Busharraf, which was negotiated by Terrorist USA and Cockroach England. Otherwise how is it possible that when Nawaz Sharif came, he was deported but when Benazir = Bay-Sharam came, she was welcomed ???

How & Why ??

Because of a deal which was worked out between her and Fir'oun Busharraf by Terrorist USA and Cockroach England. We are tired of outside interference in our affairs and we want it to stop immediately. We want to decide our destiny ourselves and we will not allow Terrorist USA and Cockroach England to have any say in this matter.

Cockroach England

totalban said...

Imran Khan is like haemoglobin for our society. At this juncture that Pakistan is in, we want someone who speaks the truth and is full of jazba. Rest will come with it. Because I am an optimist I beleive that nothing is unreachable as long as one has the will and urge to strive for it and IK has that and that is bad luck for Mush.

Anwar said...

Imran is the most courageous and honest of our politicians. In fact he is the only one who possesses courage and honesty. He does not say one thing when he means another. His stand on every issue is clear and just. We are proud of you IMRAN.


Anonymous said...

Pakistan could not have asked for a more honest and sincere leader. The youth backing Imran is now Pakistan's hope! Still a long way to go but atleast we know which way to follow.