Thursday, November 22, 2007

Journalists from Pakistan honored for reporting in times of danger

Pakistani journalists are finally being reckoned for their achievements internationally. Mazhar Abbas - ARY One's deputy director, is one of the four journalists who will be awarded the International Freedom Award in New York by the Committee to Protest Journalists, recognizing his dedicated work despite heavy restriction imposed on media by the Government.

The International Press Freedom Award recognizes their extraordinary contribution to journalism and their defense of press freedom.
picture courtesy VOA

Pakistani journalists have been a pivotal component in the civil society movement alongside lawyers and their coverage has been catalytic in mobilising protests against the government's autocratic policies and in demands for the restoration of democracy, judiciary and media freedom. Kudos to all those media outlets which have continued to resist government pressure to sign on the dotted line conforming to new media regulations. The government's blanket ban on any negative press has not deterred these journalists, who have taken risks to protest and provided coverage to the public, despite continuous brutal crackdown by the police.

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"Mazha[r] Abbas [director of ]ARY One's deputy director is one of the four journalists"

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