Thursday, November 22, 2007

Protests planned for Thursday


Event: Protest led by Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed
When: 22nd Nov, 9 45 am (sharp!)
Where: Meet infront of Mr. Books, F-6 SuperMarket
To Bring: Placards, Banners, Flowers. Please bring "appropriate" placards for restoration of judiciary, human rights, freedom of press. Please refrain from bringing placards that would be a shame for civilized citizens of Pakistan.


Event: Student Protest Planning Committee Lahore Chapter Meeting
When: 22nd Nov, 7 pm
Where: Minigolf
To Bring: Friends from different universities/colleges/schools who are interested in organizing.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up guys. There is a long way to got, c u thr!!

Anonymous said...

This is with reference to an earlier post which i cannot locate now, where an appeal to American sanction against Musharraf was invoked. The following is a quote taken from that article

"Finally someone in US has awoken and taken notice of whats happening down here."

Could we please decide, once and for all, whether we want American involvement in our internal affairs, or not? It seems that, when it suits us, we turn to them and when it suits them, we get all miffed.