Thursday, November 15, 2007

LUMS Students Condemn the Actions of the IJT in Punjab University

Student Protesters in LUMS are disturbed to see the turn of events at the Punjab University today. We do not think that the way some peopleat the campus behaved is worthy of educated university students. Violence of any form in student movements is abhorrent and students all over the country should unite to protest emergency rule in a peaceful manner. If students use violence against security forces, public property and rival organisations, what difference remains between their conduct and the violent and uncivilized manner in which police forces are quelling protesters? A non-violent, civilized code of conduct should apply to all students, protesting anywhere in the country, even those groups of students who espouse particular political ideals or form student wings of specific political parties. In this respect, we condemn the violent actions of the Islami Jamiat-e-Tuleba today and appeal to their members and all other students in Pakistan to avoid resorting to uncivilised conduct, such as using brute force to intimidate perceived rivals and burning tires, smashing windows or damaging public property. Students should express their opinions and conduct their dealings in more humane, peaceful ways. Members of the LUMS Student Movement condemn the unwarranted and illegal arrest of Mr. Imran Khan and express disappointment at the role the IJT has played in it.


punjabian said...

IJT is a group of hypocrites equivalent of MQM in Karachi. They are not students but jagaaz. They are bunch of losers and such act cannot be tolerated in any civilised university.

Anonymous said...

A protest against the IJT was held in punjab univeristy today, condemning the violence against Imran Khan. There had always been anti-jamiat feelings amongst the students and lets hope that the Punjab University is cleansed of the IJT.

JAVED said...

We as a nation are witness to surrender of a different kind. Glued to our petty self-interests in a crucial time is a criminal act. History will record this collective apathy and indifference towards our fundamental rights and humanity.The barbaric treatment of a national icon at the hands of these shallow Jamaatis has only accelerated the downward slide of so-called Islamic parties. Jamaat-e-Islami is deep down the rubble of its original pride. Shame on us all.

Javed Iqbal

kamran shabir said...

Before the creation of Pakistan, this party was against the people creating Pakistan, now after 60 years they are still standing there and apposing people who are trying to save Pakistan. Brutal treatment with Imran Khan has shown the moral and Islamic standards of the Hippocrates. Regardless of party affiliation we should support those whop are trying to save Pakistan.

O said...

No citizen of Pakistan can be kidnapped or held hostage by others... but then I guess since the military and Mush are holding our basic rights and constitution hostage, they conveniently chose to look the other way. The IJT should have been booked for kidnapping

Good said...

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You, the brave students of Lums, are already doing a fine job. Keep it up and keep going. Allah will be with you.

Anonymous said...

What a sad time we are experiencing, playing in the hands of politicians who have already been bought by western nations. Look at the dual standards of these western nations, on one hand they are trying to bring back a certified corrupt leader who has several track records of violating human rights and draining the country of its resources. Even her own brother got slaughtered by police while she was PM, a leader having this background and charges would probably see a western coalition army against him/herself.But not so in this case since it suits their purpose of having total control and excess to the country which the general is denying.On the other hand the general has served his purpose so he is expandable, irrespective of the fact that the country is doing much better ecnomically than it has done ever, or the fact as to why the general is in power at present, ofcourse we can totaly ignore how the ex PM tried to overpower him by not allowing his plane to land and have him arrested for no apparent cause. Had it not been for the general, after 9/11 any other leader would have succumbed to western powers and pakistan would literally be under some foreign rule.See for yourself how they want MS Bhutto to take control of the country even if it means changing the constitution. People of pakistan should start opening their eyes and listen to leaders who have clean records.Choose a leader who is sincere to the country and its people.Its time to stop rouge politicians giving way to repititive army rules.

Anonymous said...

Few days ago, I got an
opportunity to watch English movie titled ‘Platoon’. Based on Vietnam War’s insanity, the movie’s intense story reveals the struggle of a young recruit placed in a platoon where two sergeants have contrasting approaches towards conduct of war. In this masterpiece, American soldiers come under frequent criticism for being brutal, burnout and aimless during their tour of duty in Vietnam. It got made, released and was awarded with four Oscars in 1987, but no objection was heard from Washington for exposing the ugly part of their face. On the other hand, Islamabad could not digest information flow coming from private channels in this ongoing so-called emergency imposed for one man’s rule extension, putting all channels off air to deny this nation a basic right of access to information. Country like Pakistan, which wraps harsh realities under the carpet in cover of so-called national interest (actually a ruling class’ interest), gets perished like former USSR. Those in power, who endlessly preach us moderation, must watch this movie to redefine the concept of nation building.

Zulfiqar Gul,