Thursday, November 15, 2007

Message from Asma Jahangir

I am really proud of our youth especially students of LUMS who have been active while we are kept in illegal captivity. Please let them know that I am with them. I can not help them in person. If they need any contact emails let me know.
Asma Jahangir


paklawyer said...

what is asma's email?

pak lawyer said...

what is asma's email address?

Good said...

You are invited to cast your vote on Opinion Poll at and also post your comments without disclosing your identity if you like.

You, the brave students of Lums, are already doing a fine job. Keep it up and keep going. Allah will be with you.

asma said...
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shahid khattak said...

Asma jee,
i always admire U for the great task u are doing nowadays and even for u have taken in the past.
As a lecturer in political science , u are role model for me since ur first appearence as Asma Jillani Vs Federation of Pakistan.
Brave lady , we all are proud of U.