Thursday, November 15, 2007

Protest today at NCA

Today a peaceful protest demonstration was held in the National College of Arts organized by the student body of the campus. Around 150 students participated in this peaceful protest. They were holding placards and banners on which different anti-martial law slogans were written, condemning the arrest of the students, lawyers, Human Rights activists and all others arrested after the proclamation of martial law (Emergency).

A large section of the faculty members were present in this protest, side by side with the protesting students. Differents speakers gave their speeches including the faculty members. They condemned the imposition of Martial law, suspention and house arrests of the senior judiciary, suspension of our basic rights, arrest of civil society members, lawyers, human rights activists, including Salima Hashmi, our ex-principal, and demanded that free and fair elections under an impartial election commission should be held as soon as possible and the restoration of 1973 Constitution.
This protest continued for 1 hour. It was the first protest held in the NCA after the proclamation of emergency even though we had been active since the first day and had been discussing this matter on a daily basis. We have decided to organize such protest meetings daily.
In the end, I would like to convey a message from the student society of the NCA to all the active student community members, especially those from LUMS, that we are with you, we should unite together and raise our voice till the restoration of democracy and Basic rights in Pakistan is complete.

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