Saturday, February 16, 2008

CCP: This is a Defining Moment

Musharraf, by becoming the most favoured ally of the West in their war against terror, has reaped a harvest of billions of dollars, which he has misused to wage a war against his own countrymen in Frontier and Balochistan. He has weakened the federation with his divisive policies. To perpetuate his own misrule, he has disfigured the constitution, demolished the judiciary, muzzled the media, imprisoned the judges and lawyers and appointed favourites in their place. The public has no access to justice. Crises of Ata, sugar, electricity, water, gas, un-employment and insecurity have made life miserable for the common man.

Musharraf's government has misused public funds, spread terror in the county, appointed handpicked Nazims and election officers, set up ghost polling stations, fabricated and collected National ID cards in order to rig the elections. We deserve a united and prosperous Pakistan where citizens are secure, jobs and necessities of life are freely available and everyone has access to justice. Your vote will decide whether Musharraf's cronies will return to continue their despotism, or a leadership is elected which promises independence of the judiciary and government of the people, by the people, for the people. Be vigilant against rigging. Find your polling station and your name in the voter's list a day before the election. Arrive early, cast your vote yourself according to your conscience for honest candidates who promise to restore the judiciary and to work for a peaceful, democratic Pakistan.


(Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP), a non-partisan, non-political group).

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