Saturday, February 16, 2008

Parliament Watch-- Press Release 16-02-2008

It is with great honor and pleasure that the Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP), an organization representing the youth of Pakistan, has completed the "Parliament Watch" project in anticipation of theupcoming elections. Our organization is the largest youth-based organization in Pakistan since being established in 1997.
For Parliament Watch, please visit:
As you can see, the website is a revolutionary format for free speech and it has become the medium of choice for the Pakistani internet community of over 12 million users. We have done this project with the greatest desire to strengthen the democratic political institutions of our country. We hope that you will lend us a helping hand in spreading awareness regarding this project by circulating this email widely.
Our youth are tomorrow's leaders, and we hope that you will recognize our desire to bring about positive change in Pakistan.

Tamreez Inam

President, FLP

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