Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jawab by 3.0 - Music for our times

3.0 (three point oh) is an informal political/social musical experiment, made up of several LUMS alumni. Much before the recent political/social storm, they started making songs about revolution, about young people having a duty towards their society. Society however had little time for active politics before they found a leader they could trust or look up to in CJ Iftikhar. When our dictator president finally did us this favor, as I put it, these guys put out a video for their song Jawab, which talks about how so many people in our society will do nothing to put things right, and furthermore will do everything to discourage and pull down those around them that do care and are trying to make a difference. It talks about how the efforts of those who see and feel can never go waste.

The video is based on the concept of freedom and independence of journalism, and how that today is society's eyes, ears and voice today. Shackled, tormented, maligned, abused; it leads to a society on the edge of insanity and intolerance. The funny thing is, right after November 3 when they released it, 3point0 were told our country's music channels liked the song, but couldn't play it so as not to offend the powers that be. The same media who's independence they wanted to.

All their other songs I've heard are similarly political and optimistic, and I could put these up or something, with the hope that they help inspire young people who want to be bystanders no more, and who are already beginning to burn with a passion for fairness and justice.

The band has no commercial agenda.


3.0 are:

Sabqat Mansoor (MBA 06)

Farhad Nadeem (MBA 06)

Zain zakariha (MBA 06)

Danish Lamuel (MBA 06)

Omeir Zahid (MBA 06)

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