Monday, November 12, 2007

Call of Defiance

Blind my eyes and gag my mouth,
my very breath shall exude defiance.
From mountains north and seashores south,
every stone and wind shall cry defiance.
My arms are strong and my blood is thick,
with the sweat and tears that begot this land.
Achieved not through deception or magicians trick,
but through vigorous souls and calloused hands.
My chest now burns as my heart now aches,
to see our lives in your shackles
Inside, the earth rumbles and dams start to break,
the wolf shall growl and stand his hackles.
I have arisen and you should be afraid,
stealer of all I love and cherish.
That for which my fathers fought for to the grave,
It shall not be surrendered until I myself perish

1 comment:

Naveed said...

great spirit and great poetry.