Monday, November 12, 2007

'People's Resistance' issues call to action

Peoples Resistance is a coalition of civil society organizations that includes Karachi WAF, HRCP, Women’s Peace Commission, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals. People’s Resistance calls upon all professional groups, NGOs, trade unions, student unions, and individuals to join the platform of resistance in its peaceful campaigns for the restoration of independence of judiciary, cleansing the judiciary of the unprincipled judges that have signed the PCO, restoration of the independence of the media, and the security of all the people of Pakistan by the restoration of the Constitution of Pakistan.

We, the citizens of Pakistan, salute the judges who have not signed the PCO, and have thereby asserted the inalienable right of the judiciary to remain independent.

We, the citizens of Pakistan, salute the media in its determination to protect the independent role of their profession.

Civil society makes the following demands:

1. Immediate restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts that have not signed thePCO.
2. The judges who have signed the PCO must resign without any delay.
3. The judges who have started visiting the Governor must desist this practice immediately, as it subverts the judiciary to the executive and thereby insults the judiciary, which is the most central pillar of a State.
4. Changes in PEMRA ordinance must be withdrawn and restrictions on the media must be removed without any conditions.
5. All lawyers that have been arrested must be released immediately, and all cases withdrawn.

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Anonymous said...

The Police should be warned to desist from torturing and hurting the protestors and those who have been arrested. As those days are not very far when they will have to pay for all such actions.