Monday, November 12, 2007

Suspension of Constitution is a major sin: Ghamdi

Reported in The News, Sunday 11th November

KARACHI: Renowned Islamic scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamdi has said basic human rights had been guaranteed by God Almighty to all human beings and no one could usurp or suspend these rights under any circumstances. In a statement, Prof Ghamdi said these basic rights could not be taken away even in a state of war. He said the Constitution of Pakistan was a national charter and to abrogate, suspend or violate it was a cardinal sin, which could not be forgiven easily. Prof Ghamdi said it was the basic right of every citizen to criticize wrong decisions of any government and protest against such actions. But these protests must be peaceful and should not endanger the life, property or dignity of any citizen. He said both the government and the protesters must respect the rights of others and this principle must not be forgotten at any time.

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