Monday, November 12, 2007

Protests continue worldwide..

There have been protests in Toronto over the last week, one of which took place in downtown Toronto on November 10, 2007. At this rally there were various speakers such as government representatives, human rights organizations, union leaders, professors, students and parents. The message was clear and the media heard it loud and strong. We were broadcast on local television networks and urged the Canadian government to hear our voices of reason and help. The rally was also attended by proud LUMS representatives such as Qasim Saddique as a speaker as well as Aisha Khan and various students that have been at LUMS during various periods of their academic lives from my batch and others.
Pakistani students from local universities and colleges held a very successful protest rally at the Boston Commons. The rally was attended by about 200 people. The students had the full support of Boston's Pakistani expatriate community. Boston area academicians, lawyers and physicians attended and spoke at the rally.
Students at Harvard, MIT and Bunker Hill Community College were among the key organizers of the rally to protest the attack against the judiciary, curbs against the media and the violence against lawyers, human right activists and students exercising their right of peaceful protest.
A Protest against the emergency was arranged by Pakistani students in Paris. There were about more than 100 Pakistani students and community members and it was a very successful event, as it captured the attention of more than 4000 international tourists in front of Eiffel Tower. GEO and ARY One were there to capture the event


Bilal said...

I didn't realize there was a protest in TO yesterday as well. I'm very disappointed that I missed out. According to the planners on, the plan was for a protest on the 17th.

Either way, we need a better, more centralized way of coordinating these protests.

Excellent blog, btw. I've bookmarked your site. Cheers and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Protest in San Franciso:

Anonymous said...

250 people have been protesting in berlin on sunday.

Arooj said...
video footage of the boston protest