Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Imran Khan beaten up and arrested..

Courtesy Dawn
Imran Khan Defiant in arrest
LAHORE, Pakistan, Nov 14 (AFP) Former Pakistan cricketer and chief of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf Imran Khan told AFP from police custody he was trying to start a student movement against emergency rule when he was arrested on Wednesday after more than a week in hiding. “I came to the university to lead a rally of students against the dictator Musharraf and his illegal actions,” Khan said. “I would have presented myself for arrest in full public view but my goal was to set in motion a student movement.” Khan spoke to AFP by telephone shortly after he was detained while trying to lead a rally at Lahore’s Punjab University. He said he was betrayed by a group of students. “The majority of the students were with me there but a group of them from Islami-Jamiat-Tuliba collaborated with the administration and police,” Khan said. “They took me into the office and then forced me out into a van. They did not allow me to be arrested publicly.” He added: “I have achieved my purpose. I have started the student movement, I have set the tone for it.” Police earlier confirmed they had arrested Khan and would place him back under house arrest, which he slipped out from more than a week ago.


Anonymous said...

wat little respect i had for IJT is gone now..
Its such a shame

Imran khan is great

Long live the struggle for justice..

Anonymous said...

the IJT has shown its true face yet again.
Imran Khan is an honest man with the makings of a great leader. Maybe the incident might help people realize the true faces of Qazi, Fazlur Rehman et al, including Khan himself.

Anonymous said...

IJT should have the decency to not repeat their heinous role of subverting democratic process again. History has given them a chance to lessen the brilliance of blood on their hands since the Zia martial law days.

Anonymous said...

one thing that no one should ever forget that IJT will never allow anyone within their premesis. Thaey beat up Imran in 2002 in Karachi University, they did not let us do anything there even. If anyone of u has any illusions about IJT taking part in this so-called student movement, plz wake up and smell the coffee. Maybe, if this movement gains momentum, IJT will try to destroy it, or hijack it. After all, these are the chicks of Pak Army, Maudodi and the notorious General Zia.

In solidarity, with Imran and all of u...


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that IJT will do something positive. But these Mullah's are more unpredictable than BB.

I love you, Imran Khan. We won't let your struggle go in vein.

Anonymous said...

IJT is an organization run by thugs and goons which exploits Pakistani youth.
All in the name of religion.
High time for the goons to be held accountable for their crimes during Zia regime.

atif said...

IJT shows their real face like JI. Basically MMA is the mullana musharaf alliance. they are so hypocrate, we all knows his original face. If some didn't know try to find out the reality. Jamiat and jamat-i-islami always works for intellegence and army never for country

Anonymous said...

shame on mullahs
shame on IJT
shame on QAZI
Imran khan zindabad

Anonymous said...

What does he mean he was trying to start a movement by students??? This movement is already underway. This man is a baffoon and we don't need the likes of him to propel our movement. Let us keep this independent and away from all polititans including BB and Nawaz too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats right. He had no business coming to a student rally. Think about it, why doesn't he bring out a rally of his own? The IJT may well be thugs but where's his political party? Where are his workers? He's a one man show.

summaiyah naved faridi said...

may god bless imran khan and give him courage to stand against these shaitans of MMA (mullah military alliance)
we all hate them

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that someone above commented that the 'student movement is underway',and if that is so, I wonder why we haven't managed to take raise our dissenting voices in the streets as a unified student body if we've already become such a force to reckon with. Though it's extremely heartening that many of us are taking an unprecedented intiative this time around, please don't deride genuine efforts at rallying support against musharaf, even if it's a 'one man show'.

Anonymous said...

Musharraf is fighting extremist and the extremist are helping government agencies to arrest the politicians.

Musharraf and Islamic extremist the same thing....about time west should open their eyes.

It was Musharraf who sold nuclear technology to North Korea and Iran, not Dr. Khan

Anonymous said...

It is unwise to judge the act of some students as a act of a whole political party. If these few students, if true belonged to IJT than the rest (majority) also belonged to IJT in PU. So one should stop playing blame games and donot divide the moment as on belonging to mullah and other to the modernists. Our goal is to kick MUSH, and we do no good to this cause by pin pointing each other.

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

I am so ashamed about IJT's actions. What marvelous gains were promised to them to do such a basic act of injustice? They promise to be the future of the country but all they are doing is getting key figures of this opposition to Martial law to get beaten up and arrested. They are not Pakistan's future but rather it's ANATHEMA.

I call for all student activists reading emergency times to boycott IJT's protest activities. They are hypocrites and only in this movement for selfish gains.

and while Imran K. is claims he has started the student movement - which is not exactly true - the student movement is showing to be a spontaneous effort - is he saying ANYTHING WRONG? Is he of different goals that the students are? At least give the person credit on having the right objectives, goals and strategies in mind as we do.

Rafi Ullah Awan said...

I am student at PU from last four years. I know Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) well, it is an organized but very small group of hypocrites. What they did with Imran was not unexpected of them. I strongly condemn their shameful act against the national hero, a visionary leader, an honest politician. (

Rafaqat Ali said...

All the wateer that flows through Lahore Branch Canal, on whose banks stands the Punjab University cannot wash this sin off the hands of these IJT thugs.

This day, the 14th of November, 2007 will forever live in infamy in the history of this university.

I join millions of Pakistanis in condemning this shameful act of a few pygmies, and express solidarity with Imran.

God bless you, Imran!

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time IJT has done a shameful act. IJT is long known for similar behaviour towards their opponents.
Imran Khan is an asset for Pakistan and probably the only politician who can be trusted. He is the man of his words and honor. He has ability to lead the country.

Duffer said...

Jamat-e-Islami and their subs(ITJ) or any other mulla parties have always been back firing Pakistan. these are the ppl who are against the ideology of Pakistan since start, what can you expect from those?
this nation is so unfortunate (bad bakht) to produce such people. i feel pity over us and ashamed of these traitor amongst us.
i have never been a political supporter of Imran Khan, but I am obeying him now because he is fighting for us, fighting for nation, and i think this nation is the last hope for Ummah.
Love you Imran Khan. May Allah reward you with another glory.
the honor Allah has awarded you can never be smudged by these cheep acts of some individuals.
O' Allah protect us, our country, our nation.

Anonymous said...

Salam to all
pakistan will have democracy oneday inshallah. and pakistanis will be rewarded with the govt of people for the people.

Efforts should be made regardless of profit loss comparison

Salam to all doing struggle against non-demcratic forces

Anonymous said...

I think the IJT did not actually beat Imran Khan up....the ISI and Musharraf planned all this...ISI men pretended to be IJT members did the horrific act...This is my theory.

Anonymous said...

I was a die-hard Imran Khan fan in my younger days, but now as I am in my mid 30s and have become a bit mature, I found him one of the biggest ‘munafiqs’(hypocrites) we have around. He joined Nawaz Sharif along with others at London to plot against Musharraf but then he went against Nawaz and others, he was against IJI and JUI but then we found him to be with them and boycotted elections.

There is a lot to write but I feel an insult to say things about the Pakistani politicians except The One and Only Mehmood Khan Achakzai, he is the best. If you have a doubt, just call him and ask for a meeting, I bet you would become his fan.

I wish Imran Khan had maintained his fame and had acted as the role model, like he was the most respected personality once (at least in cricket) but he joined the traitors to become a part of them. Imran, you should have set your own goals instead joining them. Why are you complaining against JUI as they (and IJI) were Mush’s partners to rule for 5 long years? Hey gone are the days to cheat public.

This message is for public awareness.

Anonymous said...

Imran Khan taking risk and facing challenges no matter what he faced there but IJT has shown us their face ,,,,Vote for PTI and change Pakistan