Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry awarded Harvard 'Medal of Freedom'

Following last week's military crackdown in Pakistan and the detention of hundreds of lawyers, the Harvard Law School Association has decided to award Pakistani Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry its highest honor: The Harvard Law School Medal of Freedom. Chaudhry was detained after he convened the Pakistani Supreme Court to declare the current state of emergency imposed by General Pervez Musharraf to be null and void.Although Chaudhry has been placed under house arrest and is not free to leave Pakistan, Dean Elena Kagan has reached out to the chief justice regarding the award and hopes that he'll be able to come to the Law School to receive it when the state of emergency is lifted."As lawyers who value freedom and the rule of law, we at Harvard Law School want Chief Justice Chaudhry and all of the courageous lawyers in Pakistan to know that we stand with them in solidarity," said Kagan. "We are proud to be their colleagues in the cause of justice, and we will do all we can to press for the prompt restoration of constitutionalism and legality in Pakistan."


Anonymous said...

Great news.
we salute CJ and all other judhes who refuse to took oath under PCO

shahid khattak said...

i salute to Chief Justice Ifthikhar Chudray ,all those judges who refuse to bow against PCO and Ithezaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmad Kurd ,Justice tariq Mahmood,Munir A.Malik, all lawyers ,students , media men and teachers who are in streets against the martial rule.