Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Students at LUMS continue protest..

Lahore, 13.11.2007: Undaunted by exam week, the students of LUMS held a candle light vigil and a hunger strike Tuesday as part of Black Week at the university in protest against the excesses committed by the government in the past week and a half in the name of emergency law.The hunger strike lasted for four hours, with about fifty students gathered outside the Pepsi Dining Centre with their books and notes.Later in the evening, more than 80 students gathered for a candlelight vigil in the lane between the cafeteria and the academic block(this lane is soon to be renamed Justice Lane in a formal ceremony).The entire area was illuminated by softly glowing candles, which spelt out demands to reinstate the Judiciary and free the media in the country. The students gathered around the candles in a circle as speeches were made to protest the current injustice and call upon students all over the nation to unite and persevere in their struggleagainst emergency rule. The speakers expressed solidarity with all the students protesting in different parts of the country, especially withthe students in Islamabad who were beaten and arrested by the police on 12th November. A fund was also set up in order to finance the protest campaign and the students were seen contributing generously towards it. The ceremony concluded with a joint prayer for peace,prosperity and justice in Pakistan.

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