Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lahore heats up..

Lahore is once again the centre of excitement. Yesterday, some 3,500police officers deployed around the city arrested hundreds of PPPworkers. Riot police officers were outside government buildings hereas well, in anticipation of protests by PPP supporters. Benazir hascalled for Musharraf to resign and vowed that her `long march' will continue. Many more human rights activists and lawyers in the cityhave been arrested over the last couple of days.
IPS REPORTS ON PAKISTAN: Scroll down for my report filed to IPS todayabout Musharraf under pressure (unedited), up on www.ipsnews.netsoon (Includes KU vigil info). Two very timely stories on Pakistanthat mine intersects with -the implications of yesterday's Commonwealth statement:
PAKISTAN:Join the Army, Stage a Coup, Retire as President -
POLITICS: Gagged at Home, Pakistanis Take to Cyberspace (by AbidAslam) - Pakistan Trouble link at IPS has several others.

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