Monday, December 17, 2007

Girls from Peshawar University stage protest

Peshawar (Dec 17):Female students of Peshawar University staged a protest here to express solidarity with the judiciary and media. Earlier, the administration thwarted plans of holding a peaceful walk on campus by a group of girls numbering one hundred, when its officials along with police armed with AK-47s arrived at the gates of the UOP Girls' Hostel where the walk was expected to begin. The admin locked the hostel gate and nobody was allowed to come out. Later on, few student representatives did manage to step out however they were prevented from taking out a rally. Talking to the media they said the girls from a conservative place like the Frontier were impelled to come out as they considered it as their moral duty. They wanted to protest because of the ongoing situation in the country. According to them, there was growing resentment against dictatorship amongst the students. They expressed concern over the worsening law and order situation in the province and the tribal areas and blamed President Musharraf for throwing the region in a state of turmoil due to, what they termed, his ‘bad policies’. The students said they did not belong to any political party however they supported Imran Khan’s stand of boycotting ‘fraudulent’ elections. They called for restoration of all deposed judges and immediate lifting of curbs on the media. Afterwards, some student representatives displayed their protest placards in front of members of the press and vowed to stage another demonstration next time.It may be recalled, that a students rally was taken out in Peshawar last Thursday also (13 Dec) which was forcibly turned back by armed police and university officials.
(Campus News)

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These are not girls. They are more like aunties. hahaha!
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