Monday, December 17, 2007

Update on the students arrested in Islamabad

The seven female protestors arrested have been released without charge. The 35 or so male protestors are still under arrest at the thana on constitutional avenue. According to reports, they are being charged under various offences, including 144 and 7-ATA (Anti-terrorism Act). Some students and lawyers who went to the thana to attempt to procure their release have also been arrested. On what pretext, one cannot say.

it is pertinent to note here that, although the 'emergency' is claimed to have been lifted, its draconian implications are still very much in sway. The brutal response of the police to the student rally is a clear indication of the paucity of basic rights even after the 'restoration' of our battered constitution. Let us not even talk of the continued illegal detention of several judges and senior advocates on no charges whatsoever.

Justice, anyone..?

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Ahmed said...

Lets change the way in which we are opposing the person who can misuse his power in whatever way he feels appropriate. This is not the way!!!

We go out, protest, and go to jail and then say there is no justice. YES, there is no justice!!! Then we should use a strategy better than this!!!