Monday, December 17, 2007

Police unleashes brutality at student protest in Islamabad

Police teargas, baton-charge, fire (rubber bullets) at and arrest students in Islamabad

The protest at Aabpara Islamabad today (Monday) turned ugly as police baton-charged and tear-gassed the 1000 or so students who had assembled to continue their protest against the continued unlawful acts of the government. The police, in an attempt to stop the march of the students towards the Judicial residences, resorted to repeated baton-charges and tear-gassing, ultimately firing rubber bullets into the crowd, hitting many people, including women.

Ultimately, due to the violent turn of events, a small number of students remained to continue the march towards the judicial residence, where the police surrounded and arrested around 35 people, mostly students, some of them female. At the time of the writing of this report, the detainees were being taken to Adiala Jail. The Student Action Committee Islamabad is meeting to decide the course of action to be taken at this point.

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Insouciant said...

Actually the police stopped the students from going to the 'judge's colony' (not islamabad press club) and used baton-charge and fired tear-gas shells to disperse them.