Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bleak news from Pindi

Message from Aasim Sajjad in Pindi:

situation in pindi/isb is very bleak. they have shut down pindi completely
and people are in hiding. make sure you make mention of this escalation in
the repression in your press releases today.

As you can see form the above posted pictures, things are going form bad to worse. PPP protesters were literally stranded and police brutalities seem to know no limits.


blueinmo said...

We bloggers in America support you. I am sorry my government (Bush) has not done anything to help you. Hell we can't help ourselves against the Bush tyranny in our own country.
Stay strong and good luck!


Shaza said...

getting Bush to help us???? Bush is the one pulling ALL the strings here!!! I'm very proud to be a Luminite. Braveo. Keep it up!