Saturday, November 10, 2007

For the legitimate Supreme Court

The government has taken down the names and bios of the SC judges from
the official website of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. I have acquired
the domain name which I plan to
maintain as the website for the constitutional Supreme Court. I would
appreciate if someone can give me the names and the bios of the
Honorable Justices. You might have it cached with Google Desktop.
Please forward to relevant people if you can. I


Yawar said...

Justice Javaid Iqbal was shifted to sad! Musharraf is trying to get him out of the picture...

Nabeel said...

Dude forget the cache..

Go to this website.. it does collection of data at every few intervals.. try finding stuff from here (on the judges name before they were taken off)

Once you reach the site type the name of the website you want to see info on (the supreme court website) in the wayback machine tab

Awais said...

If u have bought such a useful url, why not design the website to provide information beyond that which is provided by the official website, instead of just imitating the old official web page?