Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why I protest

Denial of political space under any form of government, whether it is
a dictatorship or under the guise of democracy must never be tolerated
and is to be rejected. To protest against it is necessary, even if it
is futile to do so. To register that one is against such an action is
imperative, otherwise you are simply chunked in with the so-called
"silent" majority that apparently approves of everything.

I know that my protesting will not bring about change and I know the
risks involved, but I also know that if I do not speak up, if I do not
ask for my rights, I do not ask for the proper checks and balances and
the choice to stand up and shout, shout and inform the world that I
dissent, I disagree , that this right will be taken away from me and I
will be made forever silent.

I know my protests will not bear fruit, but if we all protest I can at
least hope that we may be able to beat the odds and bring change.

No leader is "socially benevolent", let us all be very clear about
that. They will all seek to exploit us and deny us our God-given
rights. It is therefore our duty, not towards this land we call our
country, not to towards the spirits of a few good dead men we call our
our founding fathers, it is a duty towards ourselves to stand up and
be heard. If we don't demand our rights, no one will give them to us
in charity. This is why I protest, this is why we should all protest.


Ash said...

you sound determined, yet so pessemistic...what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, "Good Luck" and know the world is watching.

An American

Anonymous said...

its not pessimism, its more of realism. No nation got its rights because the leaders were good, they all stood up and overtime change came. As hassan nisar puts it, "unn kii teen teen tangay nahi hoti" (they dont have 3 legs) they are just like us and have struggled for their freedoms.

To protest is the solution, but we must not expect instant change, we must protest (be polictally active) at all times, only then change will come.
We tend to get disheartened by the lack of speed, and this is what our oppressors thrive on.

Therefore to be determined and realistic is the need of the hour, i see no pessimism in my beliefs.

asma said...

Each protest is like the first drop of rain. So do not be deterred by thinking little, always think high, more protests and more protests and more protests and then there will be an ocean of protests & potestors. You know what an ocean can do in a fit of rage.!I can never forget what my late father once said. He always wore very expensive shirts in spite of the fact that money was not growing on trees. The reason he said why he wears such expensive clothes ,according to him, was that when he asks Allah for more money God will give it according to the standard that he has adopted! So think high. My father maintained his standard till last.

Ash said...

protest can PROMOTE change- but it is NOT the change itself. so, from a genuine heart- what is the actual change you propose? what changes do there need to be in the governement system? what are your solutions?

asma said...

No doubt protest promotes change which is the first step towards a change. The change is not too far nor out of our reach bearing in mind that we have the will and the conviction to bring that change. All that we need to do is to adopt the 1973 Constitution that lays out a framework of how to govern our country. You see one very important element that has been missing in our government's institutions is ACCOUNTABILITY. The sacked, but for us existing, judiciary was non-stop asking answers from the government about it's ultra vires acts such as the missing persons. That is why Mush and the likes hated the GREAT CHIEF JUSTICE IFTIKHAR MUHAMMAD CHAUDHRY!and his associates.