Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's make History

Will it work this time? All these protests, with all the risk they are taking – will it mean something? Will it be different this time?
The short answer is, "I don't know," but I am going to tell you this:
I am too busy resisting all day and coordinating online to waste time thinking "What if?"
In fact, I have stopped trying to pick arguments online. If the person is receptive, fine, else move on and do something useful elsewhere. Time is valuable. And quite frankly even if this does not succeed, it will have changed the face of the top universities of our country. THAT won’t go away easily. It will have changed the upper middle class! THAT wont go away easily either. It's a paradigm shift, what is happening today. It's like a communal memory. People will remember this time and use it as a precedent for further resistances. It doesn't matter if this one fails! It will become a symbol and a teacher for the next one! It will be a thorn in the side of corrupt politicians and general for a long long time - this attitude of ours that we are spreading. Every time someone tries to kill the media or the judiciary or play soccer with the constitution, THESE memories will rise up
Our sweet little la la land slumbers are over.
If you have read any history you will realize that we have already sown the seeds of resistance for DECADES to come. Pakistani political landscape has been changed forever. It might take a long time, but it has started. It begins, nay it BEGAN here. And we are the focus, the originators, and the center.
We are making history. (Good God!)
Even BB, who was all set to join up with Mush, with Amreeka behind her, has had to come out and say, we will protest and have rallies. You think she would have done that without the international outcry? Without the lawyer's rallies? Without the students rising up on their campuses?
And now, whether she likes it or not, looks like her party and all the political leverage it has, has been allied to the cause of the lawyers. (Hopefully!)
It is time.
Let's make history.


Ash said...

I am curious: I listened to a Pakistani man yesterday (I live in the U.S.and work in the media) who stated that he felt that ultimately, the solution would be a combination of Musharaff and Bhutto....what do you think?

Haris said...

I was watching bbc and felt that bb is hijacking the movement.

Ash said...

haris- you're only watching one point of i'm not saying there is not mistakes on both is it that you can form that opinion and not find out what all sides are saying?

Yawar said...

well written...i want to send this out to people...tell them that protesting is symbolic but it brings about a change...