Saturday, November 10, 2007

IMP! New York Times calls for eye witness accounts!

The following is an excerpt from the New York times:

A Call for Eyewitness Photos, Video and Text From Pakistan
By Robert Mackey

With opposition protests blocked by the authorities in Pakistan, is asking readers in Pakistan to help us report on events in the country by sending us eyewitness accounts of protests in photographs, video or text.
To submit a picture, please send it by e-mail to the following address: — and let us know when and where the photograph was taken and what it depicts. Please also include your name, but if you would prefer not to be identified, let us know that as well.
To submit written descriptions of events, please use the comments field at the foot of this page. To submit video, please use the form below and provide the same information.

(The emergency times- Eds The for is available on the website the link of which is given below. Please do send all videos pictures and accounts to NYT, it would make a world of difference.)

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Ahmed said...


A protest against the emergency, deposition of the Chief Justice, and abrogation of civil rights in Pakistan was held infront of the Pakistani Consulate in Montreal, Canada by McGill Pakistani community and McGill University Law Faculty.

This was held at 1.30pm on Friday, 9th November which is the Iqbal Day in Pakistan. The protest was attended by not only pakistani students, but also canadian law faculty members including the students.