Friday, November 16, 2007

4000 Punjab University Students Protest

(Courtesy DAWN)
Lahore, Thursday: About 4,000 students rallied at Lahore’s Punjab University Thursday, a day after Imran Khan was seized there by Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) activists and turned over to police Wednesday. The flag-waving protesters chanted “We love you Imran Khan” and shouted slogans against the IJT - the student wing of the Jamaat-i-Islami party. “Our protest is against the high handedness of IJT and the police. We have gathered to express solidarity with Imran Khan, he is our national hero,” demonstrator Sarida Asghar told AFP.


Anonymous said...

The dictatorial rule of IJT at PU will iA end with dictatorial rule of Musharraf!

But still one should proceed with caution at the moment. We need to remain united, abstain from any sort of violence especially that is among the student community.

Anonymous said...

Mushy is digging his grave faster by charging IK under terror laws

Shame Shame Mushy

Shame Shame and thousands of Shame on IJT

Omair Mahmood said...

The IJT barbarians would have to face the fate, they would have to be crushed under the circumstances they've created for themselves. I was reporting the event today, and I couldn't see a single JAMATIA in the university. they all were hiding in their hostels. It was such a happy occasion. I hate them and the students of Punjab University Hate them...go jamiat go go jamiat go...go...go...go

Anonymous said...

IJT is an organization of goons with blood on their hands.
And Imran Khan needs to distance himself from the mullahs. High time Khan sahib realizes these mullahs will sell their souls to the devil and cannot be trusted.
Qazi should atleast have the guts to own up IJT's black deed. Hired thugs dragging Imran Khan, its pathetic, these so called students are not even students but leeches among students with guns.

Good said...

You are invited to cast your vote on Opinion Poll at and also post your comments without disclosing your identity if you like.

You, the brave students of Lums, are already doing a fine job. Keep it up and keep going. Allah will be with you.

Good said...

At this point of time when the opposing forces need to be united, the action of IJT against Imran Khan is highly deplorable and totally unjustified. It appears as if the IJT was on the other side of the fence helping the Lahore Police in booking Imran Khan on so many counts including terrorism act. Too bad, Qazi Sahib. It is really too bad, rather shameful. Is'nt it an example of being the 'B' team of the ruling junta?

My Blogs said...

Winds of Change Pakistan

Anonymous said...

Enough said about IJT. Their Action was condemnable to say the least.

U should realise that the struggle for democracy against mushy will get uglier. U would be arrested, those of you who protest on streets and some might even get killed as you mentioned in your blog in cross fires. The 'burger' bachas and bachis of the lums, froebels, beaconhouse, etc donot have wha it takes to face the police of pakistan. These IJT workers are trained to face the brutalities of our police which is globally professional in baton charging and toruturing.

Therefore we need this alliance. For sake of people like IK, please do not create really big fissures in the student community that its impossible to bridge up when the time comes. I urge you still to be cautious with the IJT people. Deal with them like how Benazir and Nawaz deal with eachother. They have different views but when the time comes they can sign a charter of democracy and sometimes even discard it. Deal with them politically.

Adnan. said...

We must aim for absolutely zero tolerance for the “might is right” attitude within the country…………………

Be it Musharraf or IJT, anyone ignoring the constitution and trying to exercise illegal force and violence upon other Pakistanis must be finished………yes I mean FINISHED once and forever.

Rise Up Pakistan..........Rise up Punjab these mega and mini dictators......their time is up

Saeed said...

Another dictator Altaf Hussain we need to finish. Imran's life may be in danger.

S below:

Saeed said...

sorry this is the correct link.

Majid said...

Go Jamiat GO.

IJT only cares about gaining and exercising power using terror. The time has come for them to fade away into nothingness - something which should have happened a long time ago.

The question that now arises is that will the VC, who is a known IJT sympathizer, take any steps to banish this terrorist organization from the Punjab University? I doubt it. It is up to the students now to gain back this fine institution of learning from the hands of oppression that is Jamiat.

Adnan said...

Majid, are u in PU? How strong is the senitiemnt in the students against jamiat?

Anonymous said...

From an international observer:

You people don't know the value of a good thing. Musharraf's government has achieved unprecedented economic growth and reforms, what have all the ex-politicians achieved for the country????
If you students-- who are alledgedly the enlightened ones who should be able to discern the value of good vs. evil--then yes there are troubled times ahead!!
Learn responsibility instead of blindly going along with the mob rule incited by the ill begotten wealth of ex-politicians who only wish to come into power to pursue their own vicious and nefarious agendas.

Anonymous said...

First of all, shame to IJT for showing their character. I sincerely hope that they get punished for this shameful act. Why would any student want to be part of characterless Organization.

Secondly, I salute Imran Khan for standing up for his country. God Bless him!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We support Musharraf whole heartedly!!

Him and his team have achieved a lot for Pakistan.

Give him a chance to pull the country out of the crisis that the whole world wishes to plunge it into.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How about this:

Everyone, use your power to pray for Highest and best outcome for Pakistan:

Turn the situation over to God for best resolution for the highest good for all parties concerned. And then trust God to bring about the best outcome. Everybody concerned will then get exactly what they deserve. It is very simple and it works.

All you have to do is let go of the negative hatred, become neutral and peaceful which will then magnify the power of your prayer.
With prayers and best wishes to Pakistan (may PEACE prevail!!!)

Kathie said...

These students are brave people to risk persecution....they are standing up for what they believe in, and are not intimidated by the threat of imprisonment or death.

Here in the US, we seldom stand up to protest the injustices that exist here or abroad. We are too complacent, and too afraid that our protesting activities could lead to the loss of our jobs or being expelled from school.

It's amazing that an oppressed populace is willing to risk so much, and we in the US are unwilling to risk our comfort to stand up against tyranny and injustice. We could learn a thing or two from these students.

I wish them luck in their attempts to bring attention and change to their situation in Pakistan. We hear so little on what is truly going on in that part of the world...that is unless you consider the propaganda we are fed by our media and government...I hope you are successful in bringing change to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Imran Khan is different from normal politicians. I cant say whether he is better or worse. But he should be listened to and will probably play a great role in the future of Pakistan.

What the IJT folks did was horrible. I think most students of PU will agree to this that they have never been anything but trouble. They're more like a gang than any political movement. And if anyone knew how IJT recruits people, they wont have a shred of respect for them. I've had the misfortune of interacting with some members of IJT and I can say that they are the worst, most opportunistic people Ive met.

Adnan said...

Smash Jamiat...............FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Students are the last ray of hope in these dark days.

Hope Imran Khan has generated the momentum.

Anonymous said...

All you naive so-called students (brainless) put your own lights out, Bend over, put your head between your legs, look up, and kiss your asses goodbye. do you guys even know the spelling and meaning of revolution? get some proper education first (without cheating & buying) why are you guys followers and not leaders (cause you guys look upto assholes.
cheers to President Musharraf. this is a wake up call, know your priorities. instead of speaking against the president fight to get rid of all the cabinet ministers, they are the real criminals. but you guys are toooooo stupid to notice that, Hellooooo wake up.

just an observer and I support Musharraf.

DesertTruth said...

Most students are idealistic, black-and-white morons. Nothing has changed since I was a young student. They chronically take the most irrational stances on any issue. What students say, usually has little relationship to the feelings of the general electorate. Unfortunately students are the most voluble. The squeaky wheel generally gets the grease.

Majid said...


Yes, I am a student of PU. It seems that my reply wasn't posted.

Anyway, jamiat has no support among regular students. We are fed up with their thuggery and so-called moral policing. Even at their strongholds of Hailey College and Law College, the students openly sided with the anti-jamiat protesters. What I found interesting is that a large number of female students also turned up to oppose IJT. It says a lot about the general support (or lack thereof) of Jamiat from the student body of PU.

Check out this link:
It will give you a general idea as to how big the protest really was.

Let's hope that the unity against Jamiat, as was shown today, will subsist.

//this may be a doublepost as I'm not sure the comment was posted.

Musa Ahmed Khan (Khi) said...

Guys ......... wo wo wo wo wo .... enough about tryin to defame the JI ........ Well as far as im concerned .... JI is the only true democratic and islamic political party .... although it is in alliance with JUI (mualana fazlu, hypocryte) and part of the MMA , it is in the opposition and true to it although they did help musharraf retain his uniform (17th amndment), but they have apologized to the country for their actions. They have become the villains because of their association with the JUI (hypocrytes). If it was up to JI, they wud have resigned from their assemblies a year ago (BUGTI incident) if it wasnt for the JUI(hypocrytes) threat to break up the MMA. You should look up JI's history and their manifesto and their leader (Maududi) and read about them and look up their political stance in the last 5 yrs. We shud not hastily draw up conclusions in ignorance.
About the JI’s role in detaining Imran khan…. All of the JI leaders have condenmed it. There are indications that there were some other elements that were involved in the arrest ……. JI will not do such a thing, IT DOESNT BENEFIT THEM IN ANY WAY and besides .. Qazi sahab has very close personal and political relationship with Imran Khan …. and just so that u know …. These student bodies (IJT) are pretty much independent. There is no reason to believe that JI was in anyway involved in it …. It has hurt them and embarrassed them more than Imran khan. Hafeez paracha of JI said that there were some intelligence personal amongst the crowd and some plain clothes men and some JI students with the collaboration of the police who carried this out !!!!! WE CANNOT RULE OUT THE ROLE OF INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES .... !! It was surprising to see the speed and co-ordiantion with whih this whole incident took place.

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

Well done PU students for standing up and raising your voice! WELL DONE!

As for IJT being too independent for JI - then JI should cut off or punish IJT for disobeying party orders.

They should withdraw all their support from IJT if they care to uphold any credibility of their own party - otherwise they are just NO DIFFERENT from MQM gunday baazi party.

Siyasi Keera said...

Well boys and girls, there has been a hidden benefit of the blunder made by IJT. It has allowed other student movements to make some grounds over there in PU- the largest student campus. It has sullied their reputation.

Very few of you guys will understand what I will say, because most of you are part of the students movement for intellectual reasons. However those of you have political and revolutionary interests, you will see that the event against IK by IJT might be a conspiracy. In this way PTI killed two birds with one stone. In the end everyone knew that IK would be arrested, and everyone knew that the arrest would be ugly, whatever shape it takes.

I am not saying that IK people allowed this to happen or they did it....but in pakistani politics things dont happen the usual way.

IK and his people know one thing for sure that pak politics is dirty and at one time or another they would have to play dirty. They also know that this election is not a time to do a clean sweep! They cant do that! However, they do know that this election is a time to come out as a powerful political force to be reckoned with! They need their support in all spheres of life, especially among the students. IK had already gathered considerable support in the private institutions. During his hiding he devised plans for public unis. Among them the biggest one is PU.

Why did he chose PU? First of all its the biggest, secondly its in Lahore and thirdly the students there are political. Moreover, he knew that before his imminent arrest he would have only one chance to go to any public university. Hence the obvious choice was PU! Its in lahore and its the largest- with most students!

But the biggest hurdle in his way to gather support for his liberal/sub-secular /moderate views was the Islamist student regime run by IJT's students and teachers. If IJT would have supported IK and IK supported IJT, it would only promote their Islamist views and bring them to the spotlight. It would diminish the moderate/liberal students that support IK's views for his sake. IK knows that IJT are with him until IK is against musharraf. But when IK goes for his actual liberal stand, IJT would slip away. IK realises the stakes; he needs to build his own student base. And PU he thought would be the best. Not just because its the largest uni, but the students of the uni represent the majority of the students of Pakistan who come from middle class backgrounds/ poor families unlike students from private unis. (Read: IK has chosen the path of Bhutto!)

To be continued....

Adnan said...


Are there any plans to continue the protests? Otherwise jamiat will simply regain the lost groung by violence.

shahid khattak said...

i m proud of you dear students of Punjab university to smash jamiat in Punjab university and hope that this will be forever.
shahid khattak
lecturer in political science

Anonymous said...

Here is Cell no. of the top man of IJT at PU. Please call to record your protest or send SMS. Let us send thousands of sms and calls so that he may know the whole world hates the organization he leads.

Name: Nasrullah Gauraya
Education: MA (Education)
Institute: Punjab University (Lahore)
Cell-1: 0300-9467244
Cell-2: 0333-4411280

Contact Details of other office bearers are at:
Ali Noor … Dubai UAE.

Anonymous said...

مرگئی کتی اٹھاؤ میت
ہائے جمعیت ہائے جمعیت
قاضی نے یہ کتے پالے
جمعیت والے جمعیت والے
جمعیت ٹھاہ
جمعیت کا جو یار ہے
غدار ہے غدار ہے
قاضی کی شلوار جمعیت
چہرے پر پھٹکار جمعیت
گند کی پیداوار جمعیت
گولی کی حقدار جمعیت

Anonymous said...

IK changed his path of life for the poor and struggling people of Pakistan, The man is courageous and he has the ingredients of a good leader. He might have been better off as an Army recruit than to be a cricketer, that seems like to be a good bypass for the absolute leader in Pak.
I grew up supporting bhotto all my life, I was in Pak. in 1990 Elections and was an important supporter of PPP candidate Mumtaz Khaloon (at times GS of PPP) &M. Dastageer in Sargodha, but that was past. Now I live here in USA and majority of Pakistani I interact with support IK over BB or NS. Bhotto was a great leader Pakistan ever had but BB is not, she is a failure and NS is a tested nut. IK will prevail one day, he offered a change for Pakistan like Bhotto did and now it is up to us to give him a chance or not, But I am sure he will have my vote.
Long live Imran Khan.


Anonymous said...

o mr. anonymous!! i qoute u baby:
"Anonymous said...
Enough said about IJT. Their Action was condemnable to say the least."

o world u live...ask us d innocent studentz ov PU...wat attrocities we have to suffer ..which r done 2 us by ur JAMATEEEEEEEEEEs...da bloddy scoundralz..pillaaaz of qaazi..shame on these filthy politicianz who use the name of ISLAM to fullfill their personal needz thru studentz.n shame on deze so called soldierz of GOD who threaten evryone in d uni..shame on them...they shud be wiped off immediately...

Syed said...

Imran Khan knew that once he comes out of hiding and attends the protest then he would be arrested.
Irrespective of whether IJT acted in that manner or not, Imran was sure to be arrested by the scores of policemen in civil dress that
were already planted on the PU campus.
Imran Khan achieved his goal of being arrested in a novel way,
addressing students and giving the impression that he initiated the
student movement, whereas he hadn't.
The authorities or establishment were successful in getting hold of Imran Khan and also exploiting Jamiat cadre for their purpose, and defaming Jamaat.
The losers were only jamiat and Jamaat. And everyone is now blaming JIP as the B team of Mush, whereas JIP is currently the most staunch opponents of Mush.

The only way to wash this stain of "innocence", I call it "innocence"
because of IJT being an easy prey, is to take some unprecedented bold
step against the establishment. Peaceful protests will not yield
anything except more conspiracies against the Islamic Movement.
And I am sure that the accountability that Jamait is being subjected to, at this point of time, by the Jamaat will reap good results in the coming days. And we will also realize that this incident in the initial stage of the "game" is better than any such mishap occurring at a later stage.

Pakistan's future is ISLAM.
let the liberal forces put their force, they are bound to fail.
If Imran comes in the path of Islam, he is also bound to perish.
If he stands for Islam, then Allah's help will be with him, inshallah!

Web Designer Group said...

I agree with mr syed. but it was bad to beat someone in such way. though Mr. imran of is sccualr class, have a dialogue with him. try to convince him that what u r doing is, good for country.
West is enemy of Islam, they never miss chance to blame islam. So keep in mind and them take any step.