Friday, November 16, 2007

New Caretaker Setup..

It's midnight, and first assemblies to have ever completed their tenure in Pakistan are now history. A new caretaker set up is in place, headed by Senate Chairman Mohammedmian Soomro as caretaker prime minister to oversee elections in January. These elections will be meaningless under the Emergency that shows no sign of being lifted even though Musharraf has tantalizingly said that he almost stepped down. The Constitution, the judiciary, and human rights must be restored – as the Karachi University Teachers' Forum demanded in their banner (cleverly avoiding the use of the word 'emergency' or any other overt criticism).


shahid khattak said...

although in caretaker government most of those Musharraf chamchas ,who takes oath on PCO ,what we can expect from these chamchas, nothing but complete obediance to the killer of constitution.

Anonymous said...

What, what, WHAT to do? We MUST have REAL, FAIR elections. I believe ALL peaceful protesters should immediately get together now and plan some REAL action against these emergency "elections". Something beyond signing online petitions. Get in touch with all serious bloggers, all news channels, online and otherwise, all over the world, call on trusty people with RESOURCES and schedule a serious meeting point online, where we have an informed discussion and look over all our options. Nothing is impossible if wanted badly enough. This HAS TO BE STOPPED, we are the ONLY ONES who can DO it and the ONLY time is NOW.