Friday, November 16, 2007

Some clarifications..

PRM, LUMS Student Movement
With regard to the article "LUMS students refuse to meet BB", whichappeared in the News International's Tuesday, November 13th edition.
The LUMS Student Movement asserts that it appears that the article is based on sources which have either ingeniously or ingenuously misrepresented events. All that is clear that the facts of the matter have been completely twisted, as represented in the article. Muhtarma's Benazir Bhutto's invitation for a conference with representatives of the LUMS students movement was not at all brought to the LUMS campus by any US journalists. The invitation was, in fact, brought to our students through a PPP party worker who is related to one of the student protestors at LUMS. Furthermore, the meeting with Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto was not in fact canceled on any pretext such as the final exam of the students, nor did "LUMS students refuse to meet BB". That is a gross misrepresentation of the real facts. The meeting was actually called off by the PPP itself, as it could not be fitted into the schedule for Monday night. The reason that LUMS students gave for not being able to accept the invitation at a future date was that not having a coherent student leader structure, through which nominated representatives of the student body can hold meetings with individuals or groups on behalf of the rest of the student body, it was in fact not in the power of any participant to accept the Muhtarma's invitation on behalf of the student body. However, LUMS students certainly desire an opportunity to intellectually interact with a prominent political figure of Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto's stature and would be honoured if she would accept their invitation to visit LUMS and address the student body as a whole as a guest of the Law and Politics Society of LUMS, which has organised similar seminars in the past.
The purpose of our student movement is solely to rally around particular issues or principles and increase awareness of Pakistan's socio-political realities in the student community and society at large.


Anonymous said...

Interesting development.
Oh and it is a good thing people like Ms.Abida Hussain are finally being taken in custody. Her and the likes of feudal lords and ladies have done little to address the inequalities in their own constituencies but will not be left behind to snatch a bit of fake 'love for democracy and the people' in front of TV cameras.
Likewise, I wonder if BB has done something substantial enough to redistribute her lands among the poor. It is all nice to wear traditional chadors when going to Larkana but seriously, this whole charade is getting old.
Suddenly also, the students of Pakistan feature a slot in her 'busy' schedule, uptil now and even now she is addressing the foreign constituency of hers.

nazia said...

Bhutto is in hurry to regain her lost popularity. Her father no doubt organized the biggest student movement but she is forgeting that time has changed a lot now. Now student can easliy see that she preferred to raise her own kids in luxurious and peaceful atmosphere.In her recent contribution to national's interest she shook hands with dictator for amnesty on her corruption charges. She never praised her father's legend Itizaz ehsan in public who bravely fought against military tyranny.Instaed of this she looks desparate of holding the top seat and her source of strength is only CIA.Her failure not once but twice as prime minister is obvious to whole world.So on what basis she wants to meet with this progressive group who at this moment are really working together to save the Pakistan.

Nishaa said...

Even more interesting would be if we as students still allow ourselves to be used in this struggle for power,failing to distinguish between Leaders and self centered individuals who dont give a damn whether this country goes to hell or not as long as their own objectives are met.

Anonymous said...

BB, as the majority of the politicians, is only after her own interests. If she actually gave a damn about Pakistan, she would not have been in negotiations with Musharraf to start with. Why is that she is allowed to talk freely to journalists and getting massive media coverage, but everyone else is being thrown in jail to keep their mouths shut? As far as I am concerned, Imran Khan is the only decent person out there who actually is serving Pakistan's interests. He could have lived an easy life yet he chose to help us. Now he needs our help and for the sake of Pakistan we should rise. I hate to see this country implode like this!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. 10% is the worst hypocrite in the world after Musharraf. By the way, what is she "busy" doing? Addressing million marches? I believe not.