Friday, November 16, 2007

Police Brutality at Barkat Market, Lahore

A stark reminder of what this authoritarian government stands for. This is their democracy. This is their idea of justice. This is their 'enlightened moderation'. When, I ask, when will we finally see the light..?

The struggle shall continue..

In Complete Unity.


ambreen said...

no more geo shut down of geo news from today.

Anonymous said...

This government is damned. It will fall on its face real bad!

Pakistani said...

Closing the TV channels and limiting the type of information that can reach the public is like blind-folding them and letting them search their way in the dark. Too long have Pakistanis been blind-folded by the ruling parties who are concerned to achieve all but what is rightful and just.
With the help of some enlightened news channels like Geo TV, the public has got a taste of the luxuries, freedom of journalism, brings forth. Would the public be willing to let go on the luxury, and one of their basic right and necessity, so easily? Would the clocks turn back and the people revert back to the older days? Or would this be the dawn to a new day? Will we emerge like a strong nation, defending our rights, rather than getting our hopes shattered every time by some corrupt so-called democratic ruler?
The martial law is not the worst of times Pakistan has experienced. Even the so-called democratic rules have been plagued by corruption and agitation. Is democracy really the right way to choose our leader when most of our nation is uneducated and does not even understand the weight of their vote?
Besides becoming a laughing stroke at the international community, declaring emergency has put Pakistan decades back in its economic and political progress, and has swept away much of the prosperity it had accumulated in the past years. It has decreased investors' trust on the country's market.
What is worse is that when one of the most corrupt political leader, Ms Bhutto, comes back from the luxuries of her exile, the common man goes out of his way to welcome her back. More than a hundred get killed on their way, but guess what; Ms Bhutto doesn’t even get a scratch! But the Pakistani govt. and public must keep an open eye on who is behind her back. Remember what the American ambassador said on her visit to Pakistan. She compared how Ms. Bhutto was better than Mr. Shariff, leaving the public an option of the worst of the two bad ones. And so America wins the crown for its advocacy of being the pioneer of the so-called democracy in Pakistan.
Wait till Musharraf goes and Ms Bhutto steps in. She will open the country and give it like a piece of cake to the US army who will pick on whom so ever it wills. On the hit list is a very prominent name, Dr. Qadir. He was once known to be our national hero; the person who gave us the power to stand up against any nuclear attacks. But Pakistanis do have a way of sacrificing their heroes. We do have a way of letting the Big ones snatch away our rights, and leave us poorer than ever. We do have a way of laughing things off by the end of the day, and thinking we are alright.
Of course the achievement of the ‘Western’ world seem glorious to us today. This is because we as a nation have forgotten who we were. We have forgotten our loyal leaders. We have forgotten people like Qaid-e-Azam, Liaqat Ali, Sir Zafurullah Khan etc. I am among those millions of Pakistanis who wait to see the honesty of the above forgotten leaders and the sincerity and dedication of the ‘shudah’ (martyrs) of the wars of 1965 and 71. I am a common man, who is hoping and praying for the best for my country, and who feels the frustrations of not being in the power of doing anything for it.

Anonymous said...

Where is this country heading??? The people of Pakistan need to rise now as if we don't we are pretty much damned! We need to demand the following:

1. Free everyone who has been thrown in jail for speaking against the government. That includes Imran Khan, our judges and lawyers, human rights activists. We need to demand this first so that atleats the families of the thousands who are in jail right now can have some relief.

2. Free our press. Bring Geo back on air!

3. Bring our judiciary back. Independent judiciary.

4. Then talk about free elctions. How can we have free elections in a state like this???

Anonymous said...

What President house in Islamabad needs is ADULT SUPERVISION.

Nishaa said...

Now it is not just a question of removing the ruling government but the biggest dilemma that we are facing as a nation is the absence of popular leadership as my friend above stated. The million dollar question is:under whose dynamic leadership are we going to gather as a sovereign nation to free ourselves from the web of hypocrisy,lies and injustice.