Friday, November 16, 2007

Imran Khan charged under Anti-Terror Laws

(Courtesy DAWN)
Lahore, Nov 15: Pakistan cricket legend Imran Khan was moved overnight to Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore's biggest prison early Thursday after being charged under anti-terror laws, officials said. Lahore police chief Malik Mohammad Iqbal told AFP Imran Khan was charged late Wednesday and moved overnight to Kot Lakhpat jail.


Anonymous said...

What a shame. The people who looted this country & who should be in jail or hangged are free & protected by police.
The man who gave Pakistan one of the very few glorious moments in our history, build hospital, never stole from the people is behind bar.
The fight will go on...
That is our promise to Imran Khan.

Yawar said...

So sad...turned over by the people who turned out to greet him...

Rishm said...

those student leader should be made to pay for what they made us lose!
plus rally at barkat market., aall of imrans sisters taken in and a number of young boys beaten viciously! (eye witness account) one officer pulled the boys hair, while the other kicked hard in his atomach, another held his leg to make sure he wouldn't be able to stand and finally the last was hitting him on the back.
please lets all be one!
lets make a difference!

Anonymous said...

IK will be tried under terror laws....Shame Mushy Shame.

I see another Quaid-e-Azam in Imran's eyes.

Good said...

You are invited to cast your vote on Opinion Poll at and also post your comments without disclosing your identity if you like.

You, the brave students of Lums, are already doing a fine job. Keep it up and keep going. Allah will be with you.

My Blogs said...

Winds of Change Pakistan

Anonymous said...

just saw male police misbehaving with women in IK rally.shame on u musharaf

Anonymous said...

shame on all the IJT students who handed over Imran to police. Imran is the only sincere politician in Pakistan just now. he need everybody's support.

Anonymous said...

We Pakistanis living abroad are proud of Imran Khan. Our prayers are with our great leader.
To read more about the current issues pleas visit another great website

Ms. A. Khan

Anonymous said...

The purpose is not to support any politicians here, we have to choose someone who is best in the lot. We can not afford a leader like Musharaf who does not have sense to protect our dignity as a nation and he has proven to the world that we are not good people and we must need morans like him to control us. He is doing the same thing to Pakistani nation, what Bush is doing to Muslim world. Same Ideas and same ways to handle them. What kind of economic growth he has brought to Pakistan, which is not benefiting any common man? Salaries of MNAs and MPAs are raising every day but common man life is becoming like hell. Can you guys believe that tomato, which used to be given free when you buy vegetable is now above 100 Rupees per Kilogram. Musharaf is doing everything to protect his government and he has no focus on the issues of common man in Pakistan otherwise Issues like all eating grocery and other utilities have become so expensive that one can not even think of. We really need someone who has concerns more about problems of common man not his government. Musharaf created this extremist issue and now he will keep trying to solve it till that ass hole dies out of some natural or forced death because he is not at all interested to solve it. May ALLAH protect us and Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of my Pakistani students for standing up for a just cause which is restoration of democracy. People are talking about ecenomic development in Pakistn. I think this is the biggest lie now a days. I visited pakistan after six years and was shocked to see the inflation that has taken place in those years. The prices of food and medicine was higher than Canada and average income of pakistanis as we all knw is 1000s percent less than Canadians. Pakistani Middle class is finding it very hard to have one square meal per day. Yet people talk about economic development. May be the rich has become filthy rich by corruption and collaboration with the corrupt regime.
Students go ahead with your struggle and please gain Pakistan some respect in the international community by restoring democracy. Don't listen to numbskull opportunists.

Anonymous said...

Looks like MQM fanatics are working hard on leaving negative messages agains our one and only leader in Pakistan IMRAN KHAN.


JAWAD said...

Today Imran Khan is the voice of masses & speaks the heart of every sincere Pakistani.

He is unlike all other politician, who just take politics as BUSINESS.Invest in election than expect the return out of it.



Anonymous said...

I am really crying to hear what the students in Punjab University did to a national hero. I salute the students of LUMS. I pray for a peaceful Pakistan. (Ameen)

Anonymous said...

There is clearly no rule of law in pakistan. A country destined for disaster ever since its independence. If one looks carefully at India and its advncements in technology, education and basic amenities, one can only assume that something has seriously gone wrong. Jinna represented the same problem faced even today, a dream of a great nation which was never possible. Imran Khan has made the mistake of airing his views in a nation where freeedom of expression is simply not valued. Thus even though I respect Imran Khan one has to accept the fact that such opinions against the government were unacceptable. However, Imran ignored this at his own peril. A peril that the nation of Pakistan is suffering from since the partion of 1947 from India.

Anonymous said...

what is the goal of the protests?

S. said...

The student movement does not support any politicians. It does condemn any kind of injustice, oppression, or unfair treatment.
The boom in Pakistan's economy is due to the HUGE amounts of aid flowing into the country.
Furthermore, Musharraf has done a great deal to incur the wrath of every citizen of Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

So, if someone from outside the country does not hold a high opinion of the immature brat, then it is a negative comment?

That would suggest that you are in favor of a dictatorship not democracy?

Or do you think that the definition of democracy means your own dictatorship versus that of General Musharraf??

Anonymous said...

Hello Students,

A man who cannot even keep his own family together and raise his own children is then capable of being a moral compass in guiding the pakistani youth? He is the shining beacon of hope to millions when his own children are being brought up by Western/Jewish traditions???
Do they live full time in Pakistan? are they being brought up by Muslim Customs?? And for that matter did Saint Imran Khan live the majority of his own life by Muslim customs? Does he even know what they are???

Anonymous said...

its high for the peolpe of pakistan to come out to streets We as students have a duty to protect are country from these plunderers and looters who call themselves as leaders. Our aggression & movement should not only target musharraf but also his allies..the ruling party. They legtimized his rule and have played a major role in bringing pakistan to this satge. I sincerely think that it is not time for blogging or discussing matters on net but to come out to streets and let them know that we cannot be pushed around any more. It is time we start owning our country.
" Think of not what your country has done for you but think what you have done for your country"

Anonymous said...

I am not a Pakistani but I am surprised why Pakistan is in this state of affairs. People of Pakistan have to search a better solution for all this going on in their country. I think Imran Khan is a good person and has done a lot for a country. If he would have been selfish like any other celebrity, he would have been making money in commercials and would have lived in Pakistan or any other country and not to bother about the affairs. I think he is honest and a person who feels strongly about his country and wants to work towards progress of his country. I feel sorry about him. Question: Why he has to do all this for a country where people never cares about his contribution? ..

Anonymous said...

Fine so you did good in cricket-Thank you for that.

However, you suck in politics Dude!!

Give it a rest and Grow up.

Your own flesh and blood need your precious time and guidance rather than the great nation of Pakistan!!

Set a good example with your own children and then move to the national platform.


Anonymous said...

None of us are perfect. We all have our human imperfections. Our intentions may be good yet we may not be able to deliver up to peoples' expectations. In that human journey, it is our intentions ("niyat") and efforts that define us more than the outcome. And Pervez Musharraf has done the BEST job for Pakistan in very challenging circumstances. Due to any number of negative and external forces the outcomes may not always have been perfect, but his intentions and efforts most certainly have been!! For that we SALUTE YOU SIR!!! And based on intentions, efforts and effectiveness Pakistan still needs him. For his critics, you have been allowed to voice your criticism in his time alone. Lest you forget,he saved the country and you from International ire (anger) six years ago because Pakistan was on a collision course to become what Iraq is (as early as October 2001).

Anonymous said...

Biggest damn tragedy in all of this is this megalomaniac. The guy up there said it right. Politics is just not Imran's forte'. He has aligned himself with the stealing thieving politicians and he hopes to bring justice. Where do you get off??(silly question actually) He was talking about hanging nawaz Sharif and Benazir not too long ago and now theyre his "friends"??
I support the student awakening and press freedom but make no mistake ONLY THE ARMY CAN KILL THE MONSTER OF EXTREMISM THAT IT CREATED. Let that be done and when the bombs are silent then we'll talk democracy. And please stop kissing up to those washed up quasi-hippies from the sixties. The hell is wrong witchu??

Anonymous said...

If Imran Khan is so selfless, what has he done for Pakistan?? What committees has he served on?? What social and economic reforms has he introduced? or was planning on doing so?? What was his game plan to heip the poor of the country??

The only thing I can remember of his political contribution was always whining (most irratingly so) about the government on and on and on!! When you do not have any constructive options or ideas to offer please shut up!!

Therefore, so glad that he is at least shut up where one does not have to listen to him whine like a snivelling coward that he is.

As for not doing commercials...maybe no one really needed his services since he had become so aged and haggard.

ambreen said...

i wonder why people are getting so personal against imran khan. 'a man who cudnt hold his family together?'.. wats that got to do with ANYthing? you mean someone who gets divorced does not have the right to be a leader?...weird wavelength tolerance...that's us pakistanis in a nutshell...and poor students...the educated minority...still holding fort against injustice and 'jihalat' of the highest not give up!!my salams to you all.

Anonymous said...


It is not that if you are divorced you cannot be a leader!

Point is, if you are indifferent to your children's upbringing and cannot make them a priority then what can you do for the millions of children in the nation?

And, it is only a viewpoint, not 'jihalat' as you say. Every one is entitled to their opinion. Tolerance for an opinion different than yours isn't that what Democracy is all about.

Anonymous said...

imran khan is not a saint but his intentions are good. he may not have accomplished much in the last 11 years as a politician, but he's the youngest of the political lot. the rest have been at it almost all their lives cuz they were born in a political family. his achievements as a politician are not widely known since he doesnt waste money running ads on tv (like the parha likha punjab campaign). But in the recent interview with hamid mir, he highlighted 2 of the things which in his opinion were very big achievements. He's built a technical college in his home village, covering 5 of the poorest districts. He's affiliated it with the Bradford university in UK and hopes to turn it into a university. This was also covered by a CNN show called Imran Khan: Revealed (available on youtube). The other thing he mentioned was building a 68 km road network in some remote northern part of the country (cant remember which area exactly). He collected funds for it and when the money ran out, the city govt completed the job. He spent Rs.50,000 per km while the city govt spent 28 lakhs (yes that is lakhs) per km.

Musa Ahmed Khan (Khi) said...


Xainab said...

You do not have to like Imran Khan to criticize what has been done to him. The way he was man handled is really shameful and calls for protest on our part. Today it was him tomorrow it will be someone else how long can we sit and watch this drama unfolds.

Xainab said...

Musa we would love to go out and register our protest but in case you havent noticed the people who get out are arrested, beaten up and silenced. It is time we make ourselves heard through whatever means we can, be it blogs. We need to be rational rather than emotional.

Anonymous said...

National Hero or not, he deserves what he got!!

If a certain segment of students turned on the brainless wonder, more power to them!! They are entitled to their opinions and their actions. That is what DEMOCRACY is all about....or didn't you know that? Isn't that what your movement is all about.
Start a mob rule and throw them forcibly out.

Anonymous said...

If Mr.Khan was not looking to be manhandled, then he should not have taken irresponsible steps and put himself in that situation in the first place!!

If he is innocent and full of integrity, he would have nothing to be afraid of and should have been arrested like a man. Instead, he ran off like a whining schoolboy afraid of punishment for his rowdy and irresponsible behavior. Then he should have stayed in hiding instead of pulling his jack in the box routine. His behavior has all the hallmarks of a loud bully who is a coward at heart. You can't help but lose respect for him. What a shame all the glory he brought in thru cricket, he has squandered away with his irresponsible and immature political affiliations and behavior. VERY SAD!!

JAWAD (LHR) said...

By taking a AID from the world (USA.... ETCCCC) to fight against terrorism. MUSHHRAF has admit that we MUSLIM ARE TERRORIST.He is stupid enough .....ruin muslim image all over the worlds.FOR JUST MAKING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ARMY SUCKS....

Anonymous said...

The Edhi Trust has done more for Pakistan than Imran Khan's few charitable attempts.

I SALUTE YOU A.S.EDHI!!! Now there is one Pakistani that millions could learn from.

JAWAD said...


Anonymous said...


You are entitled to your opinion. But Musharraf made the wiser decision of accepting aid over being bombed by USA. You never know that that one decision may have saved your life so that you could today bash him (and so ungratefully too!).

Anonymous said...

can someone please block the mqm spammer speaking nonsence abt IK

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

I see that army supporters/agents are catching up to the blogging world - I've never seen so much support for the army or for bringing peace in Pakistan via army in any post before.

The army should have no role in politics as a principle - because as most principles go, there is a certain wisdom behind it. Armies are trained to fight not trained to bring political solutions. In a country with diverse factions and groupings as Pakistan, we need political solutions, dialogue and inclusion of all stakeholders (among the people) instead of siding with a few and alienating others. Historically, economically and politically - the army is a class of its own with its own SPECIAL ECONOMIC INTERESTS. It does'nt get into power to fix the nation - it gets in to protect its investments. It doesn't need to introduce dialogue or redistribute wealth - they have NO INCENTIVE for that. But they have incentives (in the form of industries) to create more capital and wealth for themselves.

so is it a secret that in every military regime - be it Ayub, Zia or Musharraf - inflation has skyrocketed and the middle and lower class has been reduced to eating 1-2 square meals a day? All three military regimes have provided with 7 percent growth rates for pakistan - highest in history. BUT GUESS WHAT? That growth is only for rich people - they get richer. It does not get spent on the common man in health and education. The gaps between rich and poor have always increased in military regime.

Military govts remove law from society - not restore it. They subvert the law. THEY HAVE TO. Otherwise they would be treated equally as other normal citizens. They cannot have that. They are too rich and too 'special' in their minds. No checks and balances please, the army knows best!

Anonymous said...

So, if someone offers a viewpoint different than what you were hoping for than they are an army or mqm supporter?

I do not have any army or mqm links or connections.

Get used to Democracy Pal!!

That is where all kinds of opinions can be freely expressed and tolerated!!

Anonymous said...

vote for imran & save this country

asma said...

IK is the only politician who is blunt and truthful,a virtue found in few Pakistanis. When I visit my country what saddens me most is pretence among the middle and upper-middle classes and the absence of sach bolna.

Anonymous said...

if imran wanted to be in power he could have done day 1st. but he is a man of integrity

Anonymous said...

i guess imran khan is doing good job. provided he got chance & prove himself that he can do i believe

Anonymous said...

Imran Khan is not very respectful towards women. He is very chauvinistic.

Anonymous said...

In the past we have tried B.Bhutto & Nawaz. They have done nothing extra ordinary . So even Imran Khan doesnt deliver .WE SHOULD GIVE HIM A CHANCE


Anonymous said...

Neem Revolution why are you located in Afghanistan and not Pakistan?
Are you not being unpatriotic by siding with outside forces to stir up trouble within Pakistan? to make other countries stronger and harm Pakistan????

Who are you really???

MJ said...

Too many army people on this blog. Seems like ISI has started a "blog" wing too. I wonder how they got so much time, time out of arresting political and human rights activists and sending girls to judges so they can videotape them. Our army and ISI dont get the recognition in the world that they deserve. Name one intelligence agency in the world that can handle so many areas with such proficiency and passion. I salute our army and ISI. :)

Anonymous said...

its true that Edhi has done great things for Pakistan but he cant change the society. if he could, Khi would be a lot different now. he cant get justice for people, cant help out with inflation etc. u can do social work all your life, but you can never make the same difference as you could if you are in the govt. that is why IK joined politics. he could have carried on his charity work, built more hospitals etc, not enter the dirty world of politics. he's here only cuz he REALLY wants to make the big difference.
what u have to understand is if he is making alliances with corrupt politicians like BB and NS is because he cannot do it alone. His party is too young and frail to do the things it wants to do. BB and NS's parties are very well established with a large voter base. If he chooses to temporarily align himself with such ppl doesnt mean "he's getting in bed with them" (which i think could be expressed in a more civilized way so plz watch ure language) In order to reach you ultimate goal, u have to make some compromises. Him aligning with these corrupt ppl doesnt mean he condones what they have done in the past. he's only working towards bringing true democracy to the country and he cant do it alone, he needs them. so he's smart enough to realize that!

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

I agree mj. I hope Mush is paying these poor ISI schmucks overtime for being forced to blog online pathetic excuses for his track record.

Anonymous said...

Shame Mushy Shame

2005 Pakistan not on the top 20 list
2006 Pakistan is number 9 (Shame Mushy)
2007 Pakistan is numnber 12 (Afghanistan is no 8) Shame Mushy.....even North Korea is better than us.

Musharraf, history is never going to forgive you

Anonymous said...

Our beloved brave army has to try someone under terrorism charges.
Its a little difficult to catch the real terrorists ...why...because they have guns, real guns.
And they fight & force our "braves" to surrender.
So the easiest way out is to charge someone like Imran Khan.
What a shame...

Anonymous said...

The Guilty Men

Present Commanders

1. General Pervez Musharraf — Chief of Army Staff.
2. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani — Vice Chief of Army Staff.
3. General Tariq Majid — Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
4. Lt Gen Safdar Hussain — Chief of Logistics Staff (CLS), GHQ.
5. Lt Gen Syed Athar Ali — DG Joint Staff, JS HQ.
6. Lt Gen Waseem Ahmed Ashraf — Corps Commander Gujranwala.
7. Lt Gen Mohammed Sabir — Military Secretary, GHQ.
8. Lt Gen Imtiaz Hussain — Adjutant General, GHQ.
9. Lt Gen Afzal Muzaffar — Quartermaster General (QMG), GHQ.
10. Lt Gen Hamid Rab Nawaz — IG T&E, GHQ.
11. Lt Gen Salahuddin Satti — Chief of General Staff (CGS), GHQ.
12. Lt Gen Syed Sabahat Hussain — Chairman Ordnance Factories.
13. Lt Gen Raza Khan — Corps Commander Bahawalpur.
14. Lt Gen Masood Aslam — Corps Commander Peshawar.
15. Lt Gen Shafaatullah Shah — Corps Commander Lahore.
16. Lt Gen Hamid Khan — President National Defence University.
17. Lt Gen Israr Ahmed Ghumman — DG Heavy Industries Taxila.
18. Lt Gen Ahsan Azhar Hayat — Corps Commander Karachi.
19. Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmad — Deputy Chairman ERRA.
20. Lt Gen Sajjad Akram — Corps Commander Mangla.
21. Lt Gen Muhammad Zaki — DG Infantry, GHQ.
22. Lt Gen Sikandar Afzal — Corps Commander Multan.
23. Lt Gen Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi — DG W&E, GHQ.
24. Lt Gen Mushtaq Ahmed Baig — Surgeon General, GHQ.
25. Lt Gen Khalid Shamim Wyne — Corps Commander Quetta.
26. Lt Gen Mohammad Ashraf Saleem — Commander Army Air Defence.
27. Lt Gen Shahid Niaz — Engineer-in-Chief Pakistan Army.
28. Lt Gen Muhammad Yousaf — Vice Chief of General Staff, GHQ.
29. Lt Gen Syed Absar Hussain — Commander, ASFC.
30. Lt Gen Javed Zia — Deputy Chief of General Staff (DCGS), GHQ.
31. Lt Gen Shujaat Zamir Dar — DG NAB (Punjab).
32. Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal — Corps Commander Rawalpindi.
33. Lt Gen Muhammad Asghar — Rector, NUST.
34. Lt Gen Jamil Haider — DG C4I, GHQ.
35. Lt Gen Nadeem Taj — DG ISI.
36. Maj Gen Nasir Janjua — DG MO (Military Operations).
37. Maj Gen Zahid Hussain — Commandant, PMA.
38. Maj Gen Mian Nadeem Ijaz Ahmed — DG MI.
39. Maj Gen Waheed Arshad — DG ISPR.

Major Generals

Major General Shaukat Sultan – Director General Inter Services Public Relations, GHQ-Rawalpindi.

Major General Fazl-e-Elahi – Director General Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, GHQ-Rawalpindi.

Major General Ahmed Shuja Pasha – Director General Military Operations, GHQ-Rawalpindi.

Major General Shujaat Zamir Dar – Inspector General Frontier Corps, NWFP .

Major General Raheel Sharif – General Officer Commading, 11th Infantry Division, IV Corps, Lahore.

Major General Mustafa Kausar – General Officer Commanding, 10th Infantry Division, IV Corps, Lahore.

Major General Tariq – General Officer Commanding, 1st Armoured Division, under 2 Corps, Multan.

Major General Athar Abbass – General Officer Commanding, 6th Armoured Division, under 1 Corps, Kharian.

Major General Zaheer Islam – General Officer Commanding, 12th Infantry Division, under X Corps, Murree.

Major General Mohammed Farooq – Director General Artillery GHQ-Rawalpindi.

Major General Nadeem Taj – Commandant Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbottabad, NWFP.

Major General Akram Sahi – Commandant Infantry School Quetta, Balochistan.

Major General Khalid Nawaz – Commandant Staff College, Quetta, Balochistan.

Major General Khalid Shamim – Vice Deputy Chief of General Staff, GHQ-Rawalpindi.

Major General Saleem Nawaz – Director General RAB, Quetta, Balochistan.

Major General Agha Farooq – Director General Army Structuring Committee.

Major General Tahir Saeed – Deputy Quartermaster General, GHQ-Rawalpindi.

Major General Saleem Nawaz Mela – Managing Director Passco, Rawalpindi.

Major General Hamid Mahmud – Commandant Military College of Signals (MCS), Ordnance Road, Rawalpindi.

Major General Kamran Aziz – Commandant College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME), Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.

Major General Wajahat Muftee – Director General Military Lands and Cantonments, Ministry of Defence, Rawalpindi.

Major General Javed Zia – Director General Sindh Rangers, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi.

Major General Hussain Mehdi – Director General Punjab Rangers, Lahore.

Major General Tariq Mahmood - Commandant Military College of Engineers, Risalpur Cantt

Anonymous said...

Why is the army or ISI getting all the credit for any opinion that goes against IK?

Can't someone who has nothing to do with these people hold an opinion that you may or may not like?

Learn Tolerance and freedom of expression that normally goes with Democracy.

Non army or ISI people can also think that your beloved IK is a loser.

Anonymous said...

In response to Musharraf paying ISI overtime to blog....who is paying you? Corrupt politicians to stir up agitation???

Anonymous said...

God Bless Pakistan!!!

If IK proceeds with his unholy alliance with BB and NS and they win, then they will be too busy fighting amongst themselves for the number 1 spot. They will not care what happens to the country. There will be more chaos and then India and US can step in to pick up the more Pakistan!!

mj said...

And who said anything about people being against Mushy automatically are in support of IK or other corrupt feudalistic politicians like BB and Sharif? :-O

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

On the issue of skipping mush over for the likes of BB and Nawaz sharif as head of states......

If we know nawaz sharif and BB are the scum of the earth and kleptomaniacs, etc etc, then why amend the constitution to give them a third term. DON't!!! Don't vote for them and don't amend constitutions either. Choose someone else. Aitizaz Ahsan could be a strong contender for PPP. and I am sure there are others in PML -N. and of course Imran Khan as we know is a good contender too. If you didnt like previous corruption then don't vote for corruption - do not choose these people again.

As for whether you have the right to choose - thats the fight we need to continue fighting to restore our basic rights.

STOP BEING NAIVE! this world is not musharraf vs. BB no matter what the US media wants you and I to believe. This is about wanting accountable governments (which the army can never be) and having laws, courts and non-toady judges to protect our fundamental rights.

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

On the issue of who's paying me to blog overtime.....YAAR I wish someone would pay me!!!! But alas! I speak the unpopular, idealistic jargon that accompanies my youth....perhaps if I opted the way of cynicism and sold myself out to those with power and wealth, I would find bidders aplenty to support my blogging hours!

Siding with the issues and rights of the common man just doesn't pay too well these days my friend :).

Nigraan said...

yes well imran is so so politically incorrect! he is racist and chauvinistic. and worst of all he is a baby at this game! Let him be a minister of some department or other so that he has a real chance at this game!

Anonymous said...

Stop this bullshit... all pro musharraf comments are fake... these are not students... if they are then they have no right to be called pakistani's they better be musharraf k chamchay... we cant progress until we realise who our true leaders are... If there is one person who can help the country out of this misery... It has to be Imran Khan... We the students of LUMS salute you Sir!

RAZ said...

Students involved in arrest of Imran may not know how badly they have supported marshal law
Some action has already been taken against them by their own movement but its ver shamefull of them

Lets be together to protest against imposed emergency + (Actually marshal law +)

shahid khattak said...

i can say just one urdu phrase of Habib Jalib , that the days of this autocrate has been numbered.

Tum se pehle b wo eik shukhas ju yaha takht nasheen tha,
us ku b apne Khuda hune per ithna yaqeen tha,
lakan jab andhi ayee aur nangee paoo wale nekal ayee,
Thu wo b apne zat per tum jithna hi beyaqeen tha.

Nishaa said...

If Ahtezas Ehsan Asma Jahangir,Imran Khan are all being charged under anti-terror laws,then all the dictionaries of the world need to translate the word Terror as President BUSH and give its synonym as president Musharraf.And my apologies to the people who happen to share these names!
Anti-terror indeed arrgh

Anonymous said...

IK changed his path of life for the poor and struggling people of Pakistan, The man is courageous and he has the ingredients of a good leader. He might have been better off as an Army recruit than to be a cricketer, that seems like to be a good bypass for the absolute leader in Pak.
I grew up supporting bhotto all my life, I was in Pak. in 1990 Elections and was an important supporter of PPP candidate Mumtaz Khaloon (at times GS of PPP) &M. Dastageer in Sargodha, but that was past. Now I live here in USA and majority of Pakistani I interact with support IK over BB or NS. Bhotto was a great leader Pakistan ever had but BB is not, she is a failure and NS is a tested nut. IK will prevail one day, he offered a change for Pakistan like Bhotto did and now it is up to us to give him a chance or not, But I am sure he will have my vote.
Long live Imran Khan.


Haq said...

Imran Khan is our best hope right now. Musharraf, BB, NS, Qazi and Altaf are dictator+(megalomaniac terrorist), looter, wimp, hypocrite and terrorsit respectively.
They are all exposed. Whether Imran haters believe it or not, but the truth of the matter is that Imran is getting immense popularity. I live in Lahore and everyone around here is all praise for Imran these days. Even back in my remote village people love Imran.
All the arguments against Imran are childish. He's the only one who has the guts to say what is in the best interest of the nation. You may put up as many messages as you like but you can't hide the truth.


munir said...

Imran khan was a gr8 supporter of gen.mush b4 2002 elections.Only when imran realized he had no chances to become PM,he took a u turn! The fact is that no one can be trusted.
Secondly,there is no need of publishing the list of guilty men,cause its not them who are guilty but everyone,the whole nation is guilty for all that is happening.Army is playing the best role so far.The only institution still reliable in this age of mis trust !