Friday, November 16, 2007

Teach-in in Karachi Lyceum

The activism continues, adding a new element – 'teach-ins'. Activist Naeem Sadiq and Sahar Shafaat (a political science professor based in the U.S., currently in Karachi) went to Lyceum Karachi today to give a lecture on the current situation in Pakistan. They spoke to about 30 A Levels students, focusing on the disparities in Pakistan, and what can be done about them. "The lecture made a very clear suggestion that students engage in peaceful protest as a way of resisting martial law."


mj said...

I am tired of people who automatically assume that anyone fighting for democracy or human rights and against dictatorship is automatically a supporter of BB or Sharif. People need to wake up and go to the core of the issue that has resulted in this movement that is fast gaining momentum. The sooner they learn the better for everyone.

shahid khattak said...

Bhutto, in a telephone interview with foreign reporters Thursday, said she would press the Bush administration to facilitate an "exit strategy" for Musharraf. "I don't believe it's in the United States of America's interests to have Pakistan implode. I give my fair, honest advice that the longer that General Musharraf stays, the more dangerous Pakistan will grow."