Friday, November 23, 2007

[Finally] Musharraf to doff uniform by Saturday

from cagel e toons

"It may happen on Saturday," "I know the president, and he will honor his commitment."

- Principled words of Attorney General Malik Mohammad Qayyum to reporters

After having his loyal group of handpicked judges dispensing a tailor-made ruling, Musharraf will be stepping down as Chief of Armed Services on Saturday and swearing a Presidential oath for a five year term.

It's about time.


Anonymous said...

no it wont, those powers were transferred to the office of the president a week back by the COAS

Nishaa said...

the way things are going Pakistan shoul be changed to Musharrafabad and the remaining of us should all migrate to the moon.ha.

Bushra said...

The emergency will not be lifted even if Musharraf takes off his uniform because the PCO has given all the power to the Presiden's office and Musharraf wants the elections to be held under the Emergency rule. But one never knows Musharraf has made all the Amendments in constitution that will protect him so he just might end the emergency with all the pressure from his Daddy Bush and the west.

nazia said...

Mussaraf's name has now become punishment for my nation.It is such a evil divine that are imposed on those nations who forgets the rules of Law,justice and basic human values.Some people is trying to wash the sins of nation by standing bravely against this punishment and giving life to basic human values.Mussaraf is not a single entity now.He has become symbol of combination of evil forces coming from ruling mafia group mostly comprise by corrupt politicians, feudals, brutal establishment and greedy generals. Allah has given permissions to all such devils to tease this nation who completely forgets his principles of humanity.lets pray to Allah to forgets our sins and give us another chance to survive as a dignified nation

nota said...

Loved the cartoon so here are a couple more (I really love the first one):)
MUST SEE: Democracy in Pakistan is a very fluid thing
We would hold elections on schedule

nota said...

Sorry - forgot to put them in as links
Democracy in Pakistan is a very fluid thing

We would hold elections on schedule